Gig&Tell: Florida Repertory Theatre

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    01/16/2013  8:28pm

    Did my first professional gig here. I was an acting intern for a season and it was great. I was an understudy all season, was cast in a main stage show, (so I earned EMC points), acted in children's shows, taught classes (though this was not required) and had a great time. I have been asked back since as an actor and I love the family that this theatre is. Great company housing, lovely area, fun people to work with. Love it.

    Acting Intern
    I had a terrible experience. I calculated my average pay per hour and it came out to be about 49 cents. You will be doing things like parking cars and house managing and lots of heavy lifting without any assistance (loading and unloading sets, hanging lights, building sets, all without any real training) Also, if you get hurt you are out of luck. They are calling you an "independent contractor", so no workers comp for you. Some of my worst weeks the average work day was 14 to 17 hours and regularly did not get a day off for 14 days. Felt more like slave labor. Thought about calling wages and hours commission and reporting them it was so bad. Your main focus will be on menial tasks, not your craft, for a mediocre at best theatre. Also, the artistic director smokes weed in his office regularly. Pretty disrespectful if you ask me. They break their own contract by saying "no drugs" and yet they do them there. You might be in a mainstage, but will you respect yourself and your craft? I didn't.

    02/28/2013  2:45am

    The actor above me has never worked been involved with the world of theatre obviously. Were you confusing "internship" with CEO?

    08/01/2014  3:38pm

    I wasn't an intern so can't speak to that experience, but as a non-equity actor I was treated so well. The company really treats you like family (the artistic director made dinner for the cast on several occasions and everyone on staff goes out of their way to make you feel welcome), the housing is beautiful, they get fantastic casts and directors and the standard of work is extremely high. The town itself is also delightfully quirky and really supports the theatre. I count myself lucky to have worked here.

    11/21/2014  2:23pm

    A nice place to work.

    LOA contract to a LORT D, so decent but not spectacular pay. Housing ranges from just OK to quite nice, depending on where they put you. Best option is in the apartments above the theater.

    Staff is kind and attentive. Casts are often made up of the theater's ensemble members, which can be a mixed bag, and there's not much going on in Fort Myers.

    But the weather is great, even in the dead of winter!

    02/20/2015  4:14pm