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Gig&Tell: Arrow Rock Lyceum Theatre

  • Best summers of my life!    
    04/05/2017  10:59pm

    The Lyceum truly reminds you why you love performing. I have worked many summers at the Lyceum, and every year I feel refreshed, and I walk away with lifelong friends. The production teams are a dream, the secluded town gives you a much needed break from the big city, and Quin has the greatest talent of hiring the most humble and talented actors I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. The wifi and poor cell signal are redeemable as the overall experience is extraordinary

  • Great Place to Work.    
    04/11/2012  6:51pm

    The Arrow Rock Lyceum Theatre is a great solid place to work. I was there for one production in the summer of 2010. I was one of six AEA actors in a production of about 20. The artistic director, Quin Gersham, was also my director and I thoroughly enjoyed working with him. He is very intuitive and caring. Even in moments of stress, Quin never lost his cool and handled situations as they arose. We wore the Broadway rental costumes and our sets were solid. I know they bring in other directors, set designers, etc... and apparently a costume designer who hand makes his own wigs.

    The housing is a nice complex that was built a few years before. One building has the common living rooms, kitchen stocked with about 8 fridges, two stoves, etc., washers / dryers, dining area. The kitchen can get very dirty as you are sharing with all actors and tech crew, but every few days someone comes in in an disgruntled mood and cleans the whole thing (usually me!).

    The second building is the sleeping quarters which seems like a motel. The AEA actors have their own bedrooms with their own bathrooms and the non-equity share. The rooms are basic but well maintained. This also houses the out of town directors, tech crew, designers, etc. There is WiFi although it can be shoddy due to the remote location.

    The downfall: Arrow Rock literally has a population of 75. So besides the local tavern and a few antique shops (one of which makes really good lattes) there is no civilization within walking distance. The small town feel did not bother me at all... in fact I liked being "off the grid" for awhile. However, when I was there, the entire company shared one car which made for some days "stuck" in the countryside. The closest towns are about 20 min. in either direction so a personal car... or just a few more company cars, would have been more convenient. One other thing to note is cell phone reception can be spotty unless you drive to neighboring towns.

    There are some beautiful hiking trails within walking distance and a gorgeous old cemetery that gets filled with fireflies at night.

    All in all. I would definitely go back to Arrow Rock Lyceum Theatre. I felt like I worked alongside quality actors, producers, directors, etc. And it's nice to get out of the city.

    I worked there and had the same experience. Great (reallly) small town. It's a nice getaway.

    03/19/2013  5:55pm

    I agree with all of this. I worked 2013 summer and am going back this year again. They started me on EMC points. Big on hiring ACTORS who sing and dance. Such a joy to work there. Can't say enough good things.

    04/30/2015  11:49am

    06/16/2015  10:58pm

    This is a great theater but I would hesitate to go back due to the horrible WiFi conditions. I know that sounds ridiculous but in this day and age,the internet is your lifeline. It is a way of keeping in touch with "the outside world" and your loved ones. Many of us have side businesses that we run/participate in while we are away, personal websites to update, self-tape submissions to help procur future work, etc... The internet is horrible here. The "Company Manager" has repeatedly reported that more bandwidth is "just not possible" but she should complete that statement with "at the amount that has been allotted in the budget." WiFi accessibility should be standardized: it is the equivalent of the old AEA contract/rulebooks thoughts on landlines and is a modern standard of living and should be treated as such.

    06/16/2015  11:00pm

    I agree with the previous posts. There is no way to have a private conversation with a loved one. There is a landline in the common building and some service if you stand in the middle of the road, but I would hardly call either option private (or comfortable). I would definitely not return under those conditions.

    07/15/2015  9:16pm

    This place is a DREAM ! Such a beautiful place. Literally nothing to do other than watch the stars, bike ride, hike, cook, and do your work. It's amazing. Such a great getaway. And I had no problem with the wifi! Best place ever!

    10/23/2016  10:33am