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Gig&Tell: Geva Theatre

    03/19/2017  12:12am

    Geva recently bought basically two floors in these super trendy, brand new warehouse style apartments. EVERYONE has their OWN studio apartment! Best part- the apartment building is literally in the parking lot of the theatre. They also have 3-4 company cars depending on the size of the cast.
    Working here was a dream. Rochester is not the most exciting place in the world... but the theatre just had a 10 million dollar renovation, and everyone is so great. The production value is really stellar as well. I'm an AEA member who has worked a lot of different places, and I can say that Geva BY FAR has the best housing of anywhere I have ever worked.

    06/07/2012  3:52pm

    What a great place to work. Lovely growing theatre community (Rochester is super supportive of the arts) and I enjoyed the time that I had there. The production quality is so professional and that is including the stage hands/work backstage. This tech week was probably the smoothest I've had - everyone here LOVES there jobs and LOVES the theatre so there is a great vibe throughout the whole process.

    Housing is great though a bit of a drive from the theatre our apartments were nice.

    There can be a little bit of political-things happening (for events people who have performed at GEVA for years would be asked first to sing/etc) but that is bound to happen everywhere. Overall a great place to work and do good theatre.

    Some great quality shows. Some comedic shows that seem to rely on gimmicks. Hires local college students that aren't fantastic but work for the professional credit and no money. Big money saver for them. Internal politics are clearly present, but what can you expect.

    10/20/2016  12:15pm
  • Fun and Quaint 01/24/2013  1:52pm

    I liked working at Geva; the people are friendly. The town has a hippie, granola feel with its gigantic farmer's market, Wegman's grocery store and tons of locally owned coffee shops, live music art. Not a bad gig! Would definitely recommend.