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Gig&Tell: Arvada Center for the Arts and Humanities

  • Incredible Regional Theater    
    03/05/2013  10:16am

    They do it right at Arvada Center. Very high paying contracts for both eq and non eq. High budget shows in a clean and beautiful facility with a very friendly and knowledgable staff. Yes, it is as good as a company one-liner. Also for out of state actors I've heard they get you a rental car, great housing and even dry cleaning service. If you ever get the chance to work at this theater, do!!!

    How many equity contracts do they have?

    04/24/2017  11:22pm

    Late summer 2018 musical: 18 Equity acting contracts, 2 Equity SM contracts, 6 Non-Eq acting contracts. Of those, five are Equity out-of-town contracts. No out-of-town acting congrats include housing at this moment.

    Well paying LORT B, shared rental cars for Equity out-of-town, very good hotel for Equity out-of-town about 15 minutes drive from theatre.

    Lots of rehearsal, calm and professional group of producers and creators. Overall, a very good experience.

    08/26/2018  2:03am