Gig&Tell: Hangar Theatre

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    04/26/2012  7:22pm

    It's been 5 years since I've worked there, and it was under a different artistic director, but I had a great experience- and that was before they remodeled the theatre!

    The Hangar treats all their actors well (EMCs and equity alike), pays well, provides EMC points, and likes to hire people back for future seasons.

    I can't vouch for the housing because I've heard it's varied year to year, but it was all adequate the two summers I worked there.

    The best thing about working for the Hangar is the wonderful community. Ithaca is a beautiful place to spend a summer and the people are fantastic. It's pretty much vacation and doing shows at night.

    The only less than positive thing I would say is that I've heard that they've been hiring less professional working EMCs, and instead using local high school students, or more of their LAB company members (college students who pay a few thousand dollars to study for the summer with the chance of possibly getting a mainstage show). The Lab kids are talented, but the more lab kids they cast, then fewer NYC-based professional working non-union actors will be cast. And sadly, the production that I saw with high school students made what would otherwise be a truly moving production, more of a community show.

    That said- I loved it, so go see for yourself!

    A beautiful region and fabulous directors. There was some wonderful talent with the leads...ensemble members are kind of a joke. It seems it practically only takes an application to become an intern at the Hangar. Sloppy performances in Gypsy; however well cast Equity actors. To think the ensemble was given points for their work is disappointing as an Equity actor. Also the fact that they were given points for the time they spent on non-union shows...not legit, undeserving, and does not abide by Equity codes. Every Equity actor seemed quite frustrated with these youngsters while I was there. I'm sure the Hangar saves quite a bit of money by using the interns. I would dismiss a credit on a resume that says 'Ensemble at Hangar' as it is says nothing to me.

    01/14/2014  1:06pm

    The new artistic director is completely overhauling this company and doing great work.

    Pay is on the low side while they rebuild with her, but I would love to work there again.

    10/17/2014  5:44pm

    The Hangar is great. Great pay, fun people, artistic integrity.

    The Lab company perform in their own shows while the Mainstage actors perform in their own shows, 2 separate things.

    01/27/2015  11:16pm