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Gig&Tell: Hippodrome State Theatre

  • AWESOME!    
    07/01/2014  1:50am

    Great experience! They are a historic theater in the old City Hall building, so the space is interesting. It is a thrust stage, so the audience is on three sides. And entrances are made through the audience. To get to those entrances, you have to up a flight of stairs, down a hall, and back down some stairs. So it can be challenging.

    The team is very support and they're all geniuses in their own right. They really turn out a great product. You do sing to tracks, so that can be challenging, but it's a learning process. The entire creative team is very receptive to your ideas and what you can bring to the project.

    Housing is great. There a few apartments scattered throughout the city. Food is catered on Saturday shows.

    EMC points provided.

    Highly recommend.