Gig&Tell: Horn in the West

  • Hear That Horn    
    06/04/2018  8:19pm

    Worked there 2 summers ago, and It was the best summer of my life. Boone is the cutest and best little town, the people are so lovely. The show, however, had some rough times. Its all outdoor, including rehearsals in the rain or shine, un- air conditioned dressing rooms and backstage. Housing was nice at App state though. The theatre and its creatives, though a bit run down and old, have such heart. The pay is little to nothing, but I wouldn't trade my memories at Horn for anything. Its basically summer camp once the show opens. One great thing offered is the stage combat workshop every summer. I didn't take it myself, but my castmates who did all earned their certification in some area of stage combat. Overall, it was a great one time gig, and I had the time of my life. For someone pursuing musical theatre however, its not a place I will be returning to. Gotta love outdoor dramas!!

  • Opinions 03/12/2015  3:53pm

    Anybody else want to talk about their experience? Thanks!

  • Horn in the West 03/25/2012  5:29pm

    Shitty housing, low pay, absurd rehearsal hours, and the best fucking summer of my entire fucking life.