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Gig&Tell: Kentucky Repertory Theatre (formerly: Horse Cave Theatre)

  • Woyzeck Musical Deathmetal 03/26/2012  11:20am

    This place is remote. There are very few theatre lovers and if there are they only like the old stuff (rodgers n hammerstein etc.) The board is very dated and there is VERY little to do. Dry county so you have to ride out of town to get drinks. Decent actor housing above a bank. Basically its okay, but if you have something more reputable. I recommend it.


    03/26/2012  11:29am

    KY Rep is in a season of change as they have had Artistic Directors leave after many years of service and are looking to re-establish themselves as a legitimate Regional Theatre. The theatre itself is amazing and has much to offer. I had a really great run or Gutenberg The Musical here, with decent pay and made the most of being in the middle of cave country and civil war historical territory.

    I think in the coming years KY Rep will be a great place for NY actors to get regional work and possibly gain EMC points. For now, there is work to be had there and decent pay but it is still a work in progress. it is a great time to jump on board with a great team of people who really want to get it back to what is can be.

    06/01/2012  1:18pm