Gig&Tell: Laguna Playhouse

  • Horrible 09/17/2017  1:15am

    What is very wealthy and has no class? Donald Trump .......and the folks at the Laguna Playhouse!!!

  • Love this place!    
    01/15/2013  8:54pm

    Beautiful location, great space, terrific people.

    Only thing this theater has going for it is the proximity to the beach. staff is clueless and is not the most willing to learn. Be prepared to not even have ditty bags...wardrobe staff was going to wash our underwear in a giant pile and expected the cast to pick thru the pile to find undergarments every nite...WTF!!! And good luck finding Connie, the head of wardrobe. We were a super small cast and she was soo overwhelmed she "checked out" and would hardly ever come backstage to help her staff figure out costume/quick changes the way a decent supervisor should. Cast was tricked into going to an "opening nite party" which was really a reception for the donors that we made an appearance at post show. Could smell food wafting into the dressing rooms all nite and when we were finally thru with the show, weren't even offered the leftovers...on opening nite!!!!
    There was a white supremacist rally and nobody from the theater extended a hand to the cast members of color to make sure they were alright and felt safe in the midst of all the unrest. On a separate occasion, a cast member of color was verbally assaulted with a racist rant on the street.
    This theater does not operate on a professional level. Made us feel like we should be grateful just to be in Laguna Beach. Never going back and am letting everyone know to think twice about working there. Beautiful locale tho... but beware!!!

    09/15/2017  4:20pm

    Absolutely the worst! Clueless! Never again!

    09/15/2017  10:06pm