Gig&Tell: Lambs Players Theatre

  • Anyone? 02/18/2015  2:00am

    Has anyone worked here before? Thoughts?

    I don't know about their show quality or anything, but they just had the more unorganized and pretty ridiculous callbacks for their next production. They had a million people packed into the theater to learn the dance combination, and people were standing in the aisles unable to see the choreographer because there was not enough room on stage. We later broke into groups but why the hell would you teach this way? It was pretty crazy and unfair. Then people who were called back to sing were sent home before getting a chance to. And all the people let go were not allowed to go back into the theater to get their things so they wasted more of everyone's time while ONE pretty rude lady went back and forth bringing out one bag at a time. All around a pretty big mess and not very respectful of the actors or their time. The director and choreographer were both very nice though.

    02/24/2015  2:12am