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Gig&Tell: Mac Hayden Theatre

  • Pretty good summer    
    03/30/2012  8:44am

    I mean its pretty standard summer stock. Its a theatre in the round and you rehearse during the day and perform at night. Living conditions are complete crap. Good directors and choreographers. Management is a little old school.

    You perform an hour or less of tech duty a day your first summer there. You're in 2 children's theatre productions.

    Not a terrible way to spend your summer if you're first starting out.

    Mac-Haydn is much nicer than many summer stock theaters. True, housing is marginal, especially for first-year actors. But the theater itself is air-conditioned, clean, and in good shape. Staff very very nice, actors are treated well. Show quality very good.

    09/28/2012  8:16pm


    03/12/2013  4:35pm

    I still cry about my summer there. Management is terrible. Actors are provided housing but the house is filled with black mold. The theatre is dirty and disgusting. It is a quick resume filler if you are hired for a full season as an Actor/tech but not worth it in my opinion. Summer ensemble is primarily made up of 20 year olds who don't know that you need to sweep a floor before you mop it. Personally, I would not go back if my life depended on it but I know people who have and would return. Perhaps I am a snob or maybe I have standards. Who knows...

    04/06/2013  1:00pm

    Def loved it, you do have to sweep the stage before you mop it... cause if you don't you just drag dirt around... it makes sense... The summer is REALLY hard to get through, but it's worth it the housing is pretty bad, but so is every other summer stock.

    04/13/2013  2:42pm

    I worked at the Mac-Haydn for two seasons. I loved both of my summers working for this theatre.

    The production staff is great and honestly cares about you individually and professionally.

    As a resident company member, you get many opportunities to thrive whether in the ensemble, as a principal or sometimes even the lead. Most casting is done throughout the season once they get to know the resident company performers so you can prove not just your talent but your work ethic over time instead of just in 16-bars at an audition.

    I grew leaps and bounds as a performer here and was even given an opportunity to direct a children's theatre production my second year.

    You get to do a little of everything, and the additional tech assignments you have to complete are just for standard maintenance of the theatre.

    If you are given the opportunity to work for this company, I can't recommend them more highly. Make sure you start with a positive attitude and be prepared to work.

    Yes, most days will start at 9:30. Yes, sometimes you have 13-14 hour days, but every moment of that day you are either performing or rehearsing or are involved in some facet of theatre.

    On the flip-side, I worked with a handful of people over my course of time there who were miserable with the accommodations and the schedule. In my opinion, as with most opportunities in life, the more you put in the more you take away.

    If things in my life align again for me to be able to go back and continue working for this company I would in a heartbeat.

    Hope this helps.

    03/08/2014  11:34am

    I couldn't agree more with the post above. If you put the work in and come to rehearsal with a positive spirit, this theatre will become a second home. Lovely lovely people.

    01/23/2015  12:35am

    What are some of the housing specifics/ what is the pay like?

    02/27/2015  2:27pm

    Does anyone have info regarding the pay/salary?

    03/09/2016  11:55am

    I have three, separate, un-related friends who've said "Friends don't let friends work at the Mac-Haydn."

    I don't care either way, but I had to mention that.

    03/11/2016  5:19pm

    Any word on pay/salary?

    03/08/2018  1:09pm

    and also does anyone have their email??

    03/08/2018  1:10pm
  • Amazing Experience    
    07/04/2016  11:23am

    Hello. Shannon Haddock here. I don't believe in anonymity. I recently did a contract at The Mac-Haydn Theater. I was Mrs. Pearce in "My Fair Lady" and The Duchess in "Nice Work If You Can Get It". I want to go on record as saying The Mac-Haydn Theater will offer you an amazing performance experience.

    This was my first multi-show summer stock experience, and while it was exhausting, it was also rewarding. I worked with people that had already been on Broadway, and young people that will be there soon.

    Artistic Director, John Saunders is working to raise the profile of this gem and bring in a younger audience. We all know that the average age of a regional audience is a bit "older", they're working to expand that.

    The band is amazing, and included the composer of "The Woodsman", a Yale Doctoral candidate, and one of the best pianists I've ever worked with.

    You'll be dressed by Helen Hayes Award winning costume designer Jimm Halliday. He has a vast warehouse, and anything else they need is meticulously created by the team.

    Zach Emerson made the entire cast look beautiful with our wigs and make up. And Mikki kept us laundered and lovely.

    Housing is rustic, and you will have to "Unplug" a bit while you're there. However, the town and surrounding areas are beautiful and very welcoming. And some of the best craft beer you'll find anywhere.

    Last but certainly not least,the company manager, Monica Wemitt, is an amazingly caring and supportive person. You can talk to her about anything. I laughed and cried with her. She's also an amazing performer.

    You won't get rich working here, but that's normal for summer stock. You will, however, make some amazing contacts with people who know people who know people.

    I loved my time there and I will definitely return to this lovely theater.

    Are the living conditions still pretty terrible with mildew and such or is it better? Last time I visited it was scary

    03/02/2018  9:05am