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Gig&Tell: Maine State Musical Theatre

  • Intern program question... 03/22/2012  11:00pm

    Sorry, this isn't a review (although I've heard it's a great place to work!), but I'm wondering if anyone has done the intern program and has any information/opinions?

    I've done their intern program and learned a ton. They work you really hard though, so be ready to work. However, they're pretty good at making sure you usually have breaks when Equity folks do too. Definitely take the internship if you're offered it!

    04/04/2012  11:05pm

    Agreed. They work you to the bone, especially during tech & change-over, but it's well worth it. They bring in some great contacts and it's a great internship if you're just getting your feet wet with Equity theatres.

    06/12/2012  10:59am

    As the other replies said you work your butt off in the internship program but it is totally worth it. There's a real family feel there. Also just because you are an intern doesn't mean you are only in the ensemble, several of us were cast in principal and supporting roles. Great place to work I highly recommend it.

    02/19/2013  11:18pm

    I have to say working at MSMT was absolutely amazing. The work is consistently strong and you always feel like a part of something great.

    06/18/2013  3:35pm

    I am curious as to the living situation. How is housing? How is the area near housing / theatre? Thank you so much.

    03/20/2015  1:03am

    Does anyone know what the pay scale is for the performance intern contracts?

    03/10/2016  12:34am

    I heard less than 200 a week for performance interns and small housing. Great work though. I haven't worked there.

    03/01/2017  11:58am