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Gig&Tell: McCarter Theatre

  • Worth the journey    
    11/13/2012  7:04pm

    I did non-Equity ensemble for their big Christmas mus—PLAY. IT'S A PLAY WITH MUSIC. Ahem.

    PAY: I think we got $150/week for rehearsals and $300/week for performances.

    HOUSING: For the most part, we had to commute from New York. It's about an hour and fifteen minutes, and there's a transfer ("Princeton: ask me about my Dinky™"). Even though McCarter pays for your train pass and even though drinking together on NJTransit offers some charming cast-bonding experiences, the daily commute got a little tiresome after a while. There were some Equity NYC commuters, too, so there is a sense of all-in-the-same-boat. The theater occasionally put us up overnight in hotel suites when there was a quick turnaround (evening show and early matinee), for the opening night party, and even once when there was inclement weather and trains to New York were canceled. They didn't have to do that, and I was really touched that they did.

    LOCATION: Princeton is an adorable town—an adorable, expensive town—but since we weren't housed we didn't have much time to explore it. Usually we went right for the train after rehearsal. There are nice restaurants and shops, though, and the campus has wonderful Gothic architecture.

    COMPANY MANAGEMENT: there were a lot of togetherness events, which are appreciated: silly hat day, silly T-shirt day, potlucks, Secret Santa, etc. If you're of good cheer, it'll probably be enjoyable. The staff were mostly very easy to get along with, and there was never any question about people knowing how to do their jobs.

    ALSO: There's a Tony Award in the lobby. You know you want your picture with it.

    Princeton is my hometown! We love our McCarter Theatre and it always tickles me to hear of other people visiting my hometown and praising it :)

    11/14/2012  9:14am