Gig&Tell: New Jersey Repertory Theater

    11/04/2013  3:14pm

    AUDITION: I emailed them as a non-eq because I saw a role in the breakdown that I was really right for. They graciously gave me an appointment for the EPAs they were having in New Jersey so I wouldn't have to wait around at the NYC EPAs. Two callbacks later (one in NJ, one in NYC) I got the part, and got my Equity card!

    PEOPLE: The theatre is run by two adorable people-- Gabe and SuzAnne-- who are genuinely excited about the work they do and genuinely excited to give actors jobs. They treated the whole cast to dinner our first night in town, and hosted a party for us our closing week.

    THEATRE: Okay, the space is not large. The backstage area is almost nonexistent, and there it's kind of janky in the dressing area. However, they were great about getting us everything we needed. The town is depressed (except by the beach), and it's not much to look at. Don't judge a book by its cover. :)

    HOUSING: The cast house is great-- it was owned by Buffalo Bill and his touring company. 8 bedrooms (SM is in one), huge kitchen, living area, dining room, wraparound porch, lovely backyard, laundry in the basement. Inside, it was a bit dusty and the A/C wasn't great, but again, they made a point to have the cleaner come more often and get an A/C guy. You're within a 2 minute drive of the beach, so that's pretty darn cool. (Not sure what the damage was with Sandy-- I know the cottage out back was destroyed-- but I think the house is still okay).

    PAY: Pretty low. Under $300/week. But even though shows are Thurs-Sun, you have housing for the three months, so you could sublet your NY apt if you wanted. Also we made almost all of our meals at the house, which saved a ton of money.

    Overall, it's a very small theatre with very little money in a very depressed town. However, it was one of the most warm, welcoming, dedicated, and passionate places I've ever worked. Just WONDERFUL.