Gig&Tell: North Carolina Theatre

  • Amazing.    
    07/31/2018  12:13pm

    Honestly one of the best theaters I've ever worked for. Incredibly kind, professional, and collaborative people. Would return in a heartbeat.

  • North Carolina Theatre 03/20/2012  9:17am

    Great theatre to work for.

    This was my first equity gig and I couldn't have had a better time. It's a well organized, professionally run theatre with amazing staff. Everyone I dealt with from the Artistic Director to the crew to the designers were all very nice and clearly have a passion for what they do. They have a lot of equity contracts and they fill in the rest of the ensemble with non-equity and locals. The locals that were in the show were mainly graduates from the company's musical theatre program but they were good performers and very respectful and professional. They do sometimes give the opportunity for people to join AEA, which is a huge plus.

    Housing for my three weeks there was in a gated apartment complex about half an hour's drive from the rehearsal space and maybe fifteen minutes from the actual theatre. All the actors were housed in lovely, clean one/two/three bedroom apartments. Some apartments had balconies and there was also a nice pool and a small gym on the complex as well. Four or five actors shared a car, which was theirs to use for the duration of their time there. It was up to us to organize our time for getting to rehearsals or doing grocery runs, and it was so nice to have that freedom and not wait for a van to come pick us up or something. Speaking of groceries, there were some stores right across the main road from the apartment complex. Very convenient.

    Everything regarding rehearsal was run as well as you would expect from a really good Equity house. Communication was timely and informative, rehearsals were run well except for maybe one instance of the eq. deputy having to remind the sm and director it was time for a break. Other than that it was extremely well timed considering we had about a week and a half to get the show up.
    As I mentioned before, the rehearsal space is a ways from where I was housed but it is actually in a building that doubles as their musical theatre program for kids so it's very clean and well laid out. There are two rehearsal halls and some smaller music rooms which means everyone can be spread out and you can cover more of the show.

    Once in the theatre the high standard continued. Dressing rooms were nice, the crew was cool and hair/make-up and wardrobe folks were also great. The sets and constumes were rented from a previous national tour of the show I was doing but they were well-maintained and cleaned. Laundry was done every day.

    I had a great experience at North Carolina theatre. I only wish the contract was longer than three weeks!

    This theater was a dream come true to work at. We had our own hotel room that had a kitchen. Me and a few other people shared a car. The theater is beautiful. The rehearsal space is HUGE. They treated everyone with so much respect and kindness. Overall, I would work here again in a heartbeat.

    05/31/2018  9:50am
  • The Greatest Theatre Ever    
    03/25/2012  7:30pm

    This truly is one of the best places to work. Truly. Carolee and Casey are the best and you will have one of the most fulling times as an artist and a person. Enjoy!