Gig&Tell: North Shore Music Theatre

  • do it do it do it    
    10/29/2015  10:20am

    LOVED my time here and rehearsing for the show in NYC- so nice! Definitely do it. Only problem was I wished the contract was longer!

  • Good people, good theatre! 03/27/2012  12:49pm

    I really enjoyed working at NSMT! Great people all around- fabulous cast, crew, and staff! Would definitely work there again.

    Housing is off-premise in hotel 'suites'. Decent size. You have a kitchenette etc. There were some people who reported bed bugs (yikes) but I did not have this problem personally.

    Cast shares cars to drive to the theatre.

    Good production quality. Fun place to work. Very professional all-around. (I mean it's an equity house so doesn't need a review really- it follows all the rules as it should).

    I loved it there! They really take care of you and just really good quality theatre. And working in the round is fun.

    11/14/2012  12:39am

    Thanks for all the info! Any clue how many non-eq contracts they offer?

    02/23/2014  3:47pm

    NSMT is by far my favorite place I have worked. The staff is great, the shows are phenominal. The housing is great too- I would recommend this place to anyone who has the chance to work here!

    03/25/2014  2:57pm

    Does anybody know what the "local actor" pay/experience is like? Thanks!

    08/04/2014  2:55pm

    Non-Union "Local Actor" pay is about 60% less than the AEA minimum.

    09/04/2014  10:33am

    NSMT is really really awesome. Worked there many times. All have been as a local non-eq but aside from the BIG pay difference, they are amazing. Production quality is incredible.

    10/28/2015  1:55pm