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Gig&Tell: Ogunquit Playhouse

  • I LOVE OP    
    07/24/2017  5:33pm

    Working for the Ogunquit Playhouse is a dream. The town is so beautiful and supportive- literally they treat you like a million bucks. The crew is top notch. I trusted them whole heartedly to make all the wigs look impeccable, the costumes to be washed and taken care of, and the production quality is always amazing. The housing isn't AMAZING but The Lodge is close enough to town to walk, and the Country View is just a few minute drive away. 100% if you get the chance to work here, do it.

    Best summer stock ever! The quality of the productions is incredible. Motel housing that belongs to the theater with a common space and parking. Like a lot of New England theaters , there is always a barn involved! This happens to be their historic rehearsal space. Great people. Great community. Only negative , if you have family or friends coming to expensive!! No perks on ticket comps, prices or even holding seats and they sell out fast for most of their shows.

    08/07/2018  8:46pm
  • Non-Equity 04/01/2012  1:05pm

    Has anyone worked here as non-Equity? Obviously they have their minimums for Equity...

    I'm wondering about the pay/housing situation for non-eqs? Mostly pay...

    Thanks guys!

    Ogunquit is straight up one of the most beautiful places I've ever been and I would literally drop EVERYTHING to go back there. I was non-union and negotiated my Equity card at the very end so I made about $112 dollars a week. If you decide to just take EMC points I believe the pay is around $300...pretty decent/typical for non-union pay. But it doesn't matter. It's amazing and you should be absolutely thrilled to have gotten a job at this theatre. The production I did was fantastic, the beach is unbelievable, the town is amazing and loves the theatre. We went to the beach all day and did the show at night. I've rarely been that happy. Now I will say that the non-union housing is not great. It's sort of like a lodge where each person either has their own room or 2 people in a room. It's just not the cleanest, however I really couldn't have cared less. The shows they put up are SO GOOD. The crew was incredible; loved our stage manager and everyone behind the scenes. Top notch directors and choreographers. I'm honestly excited FOR you.

    04/01/2012  2:14pm

    I did a show here about 3 summers ago now, as an EMC local, cause I didn't need housing. It's a great theater, amazing shows, cast, and directors, however they do things very last min, which I have noticed other people also mention on this board. I received a phone call the day before rehearsals started, and asked if i was free to come in and " learn the dances" from the equity actors, i went about 7 days rehearsing the dances with the equity actors, not really sure if i was in the show or not, and then was literally given a contract to sign 2 days before opening and i realized i was in the show. The pay was not very good, about $125 a week, they really do not treat the non-equity actors/locals with the same respect as equity actors, and its really sad. But i was willing to pay that price to get the emc points, and work with some pretty big names, and do an amazing show!

    04/29/2012  8:20pm

    I had the time of my life working at Ogunquit Playhouse.

    As if the theatre and its audiences arent loyal enough, I was a part of a production many claimed was the best they've ever seen at Ogunquit. This made the experience even more incredible. You really feel like a celebrity working in a show here-the Playhouse is the towns main attraction after the beach. Posters and banners promoting the show are hung all over town, and I was frequently stopped in town by people who recognized be from the production. The house is constantly packed and people come from all over to see the shows. Many shops and restaurants in town give a discount to Ogunquit actors. I was also lucky enough to be a part of a really amazing cast who all got along exceptionally well.

    The town and beach are very, very beautiful. Who knew that Maine was so amazing? I have a few qualms- things close quite early (bars at midnight or 1, and restaurants before that). And good luck finding takeout or anywhere that will deliver to you. The nearest grocery store is a 15 minute drive, and unless you have a car, your grocery runs are at the will of the designated cast driver who has the keys to the company van, which can be a little annoying. As lovely as Ogunquit is, it can feel like its in the middle of no where at times.

    Housing could be worse; you're housed at the 'lodge', and old motel right next to the theatre, the Hideaway, a cute B&B a short walk from the theatre that Ogunquit uses as actor housing, or the Country View motel which is a short drive away (the playhouse provides a car for actors who live there). The lodge where I stayed is getting pretty run down-and apparently the playhouse is tearing down the lodge at the end of the 2013 season and building a new housing complex on the same sight were all actors, musicians, and crew will be housed.

    Pay is good; 710 minimum for equity and 300 for non eq.

    My qualms with working at Ogunquit are with the business team and company management. This barely affected my experience, but it certainly irked others in my cast. As wonderful as it is to work here, you do get a feeling that the people behind running the place are strictly interested in how much money they're making and if the cast and show are a high enough caliber. There were times where I felt inadequate and uncomfortable being a cast member here simply because I don't have a major New York or national touring credit.

    Issues aside, I would drop everything to come back and work at Ogunquit Playhouse. I had an experience that I will always be grateful for.

    09/23/2013  9:15am

    Ogunquit is a great place to work. It's like a paid vacation! You are 15 minutes walking from the beach and the shows are great quality.The crew and designers take pride in their work and work hard to make everything look their best even though they are on a grueling schedule. The town loves the theatre too. Either a shared van or a car for every 3-4 people depending on your housing location. They have a couple of options right next to the theatre and another about 2-3 miles down the road (car provided for that)

    02/05/2016  9:55pm

    If you ever get the chance to audition for this theatre, you have to. You just have to. I loved working at this theatre and would work there every summer if given the opportunity. The entire staff at OP loves what they do and I felt so appreciated and supported while there. The town of Ogunquit and many of the surrounding cities love the Playhouse and treat the actors, designers, creative team, and everyone involved with the productions with such love and generosity. You're kind of famous if you're in a show there! We went to the beach almost every day and did the show at night and I don't remember the last time I was so content with my life. It was such a fun experience. I can't speak to non-eq pay but we had a few cast members go Equity as the last week rolled around and they said the process was pretty seamless in that they felt comfortable going to the producers and negotiating their cards. Moral of the story, work there if you can. It was a highlight of my career/life and I would go back again in a heartbeat.

    09/02/2016  12:35pm

    I absolutely loved working here. The beaches, the people, the seafood, everything was amazing. Housing is within walking distance of the Playhouse. This was my first gig at an Equity Theatre and I ended up getting EMC points even though I was in the choir for Hunchback. I am willing to drop everything for a chance to work there again.

    10/09/2016  3:29pm