Gig&Tell: Old Castle Theatre Company

  • Great place to work.    
    04/29/2015  2:48pm

    (It's actually "Oldcastle"-One word.) Surrounded by Vermont mountains, Bennington is a gorgeous, little town and the theatre recently moved right onto Main Street into an old Knights of Columbus Hall (which they renovated heavily). Awesome, challenging hiking in the area, good restaurants, best chocolate shop ever.:) Production quality varies but is usually pretty good. Rehearsal hall is on-sight. Housing is with wonderful, local folks. Somewhat tough nut to crack casting-wise (They have their "family" of actors and SM's they use), and you'll probably have to work another job (AEA min. is $390 a week) or live really cheaply. But the people are very kind, talented, small town folk and the quality of work is often very high. Season shows are eclectic and adventurous. Worth it.

    Thank you for taking the time to post! It helps me!

    05/14/2015  11:52pm