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Gig&Tell: Berkshire Theatre Festival

  • lovely theatre, lovely people.    
    03/03/2017  9:55pm

    I was an acting apprentice at BTG the summer of 2013, and I had the time of my life. While I understand the apprenticeship has since changed, I can attest to the quality and heart that the staff has, particularly Kate Maguire. I also really enjoyed Allison Bayles, who is the director of education. Tara Franklin was our main Suzuki teacher that summer, and she was fantastic as well. I don't believe she teaches the summer program any more, but she still acts there.

    HOWEVER: (assuming the acting apprenticeship hasn't changed) understand that there is a fair bit of bitch work (concessions, parking, strike) involved in the apprenticeship. In my experience, that's pretty normal for many theatre apprenticeships/internships. I didn't mind this part, as I looked at it as a way to learn other aspects of theatre work.

  • Worth the money? 04/04/2016  8:46pm

    Any one work there as an apprentice in 2015 who can describe their experience.

    It's a fabulous experience. Have no idea what the poster from 2013 is talking about. Ask the apprentices who got to perform in Fiorello off Broadway this fall.

    10/22/2016  6:12pm
  • BTG Apprenticeship: Beware! 08/02/2013  11:48pm

    I feel that it is my duty to also tell those looking into this apprenticeship to "Beware". Having done the program in the past, I feel that it was nothing short of a scam in which apprentices did strenuous tasks that would have otherwise been a paid position. BTG uses the apprenticeship in order to make and save money. I received very little training myself and felt the program did not help me grow as an actor. To call this a "training program" is preposterous to me. The little respect I received during the program left me feeling cold. There was absolutely no communication between apprentices and staff. The program was lazily run with teachers also calling off class last-minute. There was only 1 theatre artist from the productions that gave us a class that many had to miss due to other duties. Also, apprentices are reported for posting negative remarks about the program online/social media and there was an overall lack of privacy. The children's show I was in was fine, but was not much of a learning experience either. I have worked with apprentices at other theatre companies and I know that the experience they had was much better than mine. Steer clear of this apprenticeship!

    And you... It makes me sad that you failed to see the beauty under the rough patches. I may not be showing my most professional side by responding to these petty posts. But I have a voice and yours is weak and insecure. I hope you have found your happiness.

    08/14/2013  1:22am

    Why can't we all just get along like we did in middle school?

    08/14/2013  10:18pm

    I actually have found my happiness, because I am no longer working for BTF, but thank you. And I am actually strong and secure in my opinion. Standing by it 100%.

    08/19/2013  8:08pm
  • A solid place to work    
    03/07/2013  8:28pm

    All around solid regional theatre. Management is great, and the town is gorgeous. It feels a little "middle-of-nowheresville", which is why this rating gets 4 stars. But other than that, no complaints.

  • Excellent shows and a lot of heart 06/07/2013  3:01am

    I grew up going to this theater, and I have worked there as non equity. I can't speak for what it is like for Equity contracts. The artistic director/exec director is the most genuinely caring, kind, and warm, and you can feel that energy and the tone she sets throughout the staff of the theater.