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Gig&Tell: Post Playhouse

  • Beautiful!    
    02/16/2015  5:34pm

    This has been one of my favorite contracts to date, and I have worked at non-union theatres, equity houses, and done some touring too (yeah yeah - I'm just telling you that I am not a 19-year-old who played Mama Rose there in Gypsy or anything :))

    Why did I love it you ask? The beauty- of your surroundings, of the community, of the staff, and of the INTEGRITY of the work done there! The rehearsal process is fast- the directors create a very specific world in which you can live, and they expect you to play within the confines of that and make bold choices! How amazing to be directed by a collaborative, fun, artistically creative staff!

    In addition- as the above post says, lots of free outdoor activities- but you have to make your own fun much of the time-perhaps hiking, themed parties, impromptu sports matches, sessions in the olympic-sized swimming pool, etc! If you are into watching netflix every night, that's not really a possibility because of the lack of internet in the housing.

    The theatre board hosts opening night dinners for each show and really shows the staff/cast that they are welcome and appreciated. If you are seeking a literal and/or figurative breath of fresh air for the summer, this might just be the place for you!

    If you have questions about anything, my email is

  • Not a bad place to work!    
    03/04/2013  12:22am

    As the title says, Post isn't a bad place to work, especially if you're building a resume. They do well known shows, they consistently sell out, and they treat their actors pretty well.

    I'll start with the basics and then give pros and cons.

    First off, they are a non-equity theatre, but they do hire one equity actor on a guest artist contract. This actor also directs at least one show a summer. The pay is decent for a summer stock, but tops out at $300/week and that's as high as it goes. They have a somewhat limited budget, so what they offer is usually their best and people making $300 are usually people that have been there at least one other summer.

    Secondly, the housing situation can be interesting. They are located in Fort Robinson State Park and do have onsite housing. However they do sometimes have to rent a house offsite when they have too many people for the summer. The housing doesn't have air conditioning, but they can provide window units upon request. It does get pretty warm there with temps topping 105 degrees or so. Otherwise housing was pretty adequate, you get everything you'd need. There is no internet in the housing or almost anywhere for that matter, there is also no television. They do have internet actually in the theatre, but it doesn't reach the housing and is so slow you'd be better off with dial-up. There is a new coffee house/flower shop in town though that has free wifi.

    Thirdly, the productions are not bad either. The talent they get is usually pretty good, especially for being where it's located. The talent tend to be actors that consistently work and keep working. The technical/production quality can be a little rough. Sets are limited because of money and technical staff. Everything has to be easy tear down, because they run in rep and all actors have to help with changeover.

    Here are the pros-
    Awesome talent
    Decent pay
    Free housing
    Good shows
    Great, caring community that really loves the theatre there and takes care of the actors.
    Nice directors that really enjoy working with actors.

    In the middle of nowhere. You have to drive 25 miles to get to a Walmart.
    No internet, TV, and sometimes limited phone service.
    Production quality sometimes limited by space and money.
    You have set duties after every show performance, which can include scrubbing the toilet and emptying the trash, and sometimes people don't do those jobs.

    As I said at the beginning, Post is not a bad place to work and can be very enjoyable. Hopefully this helps with anyone looking at Post!