Gig&Tell: Prather Entertainment Group

  • Great people and facilities!    
    04/06/2012  11:40pm

    Worked for a couple of their theatres as well as on one of their touring productions. They are absolutely wonderful people. They treat you super well! Their housing is wonderful. They give you a company car to share, gym membership, food on double show days. While on tour we played at huge, amazing, and beautiful theatres, along with some other questionable spaces, but this is the norm for most non-eq tours. I know some people had issues with the organization of the tour, but I never had any real problems, though I understood where people were coming from with their issues. No problems working at their theatres though. And they definitely like to rehire actors that have worked for them before. Very decent pay for a non eq theatre and the contracts are usually nice and long.

    What was your experience with the tour like? I'm working on a show with them in FL and was wondering, should they offer me a tour contract, if I should take it. Not really sure what most tours are like.

    06/05/2017  8:15pm

    If you get one 3-day sit on a 6 month tour, don't be shocked. Also, unless you're in good with production, you shouldn't expect to see the calendar prior to signing. 30-40 consecutive one-nighters in a row is not at all unusual.

    06/27/2017  6:52pm
  • Fantastic! 03/21/2012  3:51pm

    I had many wonderful experiences with these guys! too

    06/25/2012  2:41am

    They are an amazing company to work for. Great housing, food, facilities, cable, internet, travel, gym membership. Prather is a very difficult company to break into as far as GETTING a job and, although they do rehire quite a bit, that is certainly no guarantee. I have noticed recently that they are using quite a few local actors.

    08/11/2013  4:24pm

    There hasn't been a salary increase in almost 15 years, and they still see 450 people a day at their open calls. Explain this to me. Seems embarrassing.

    06/27/2017  6:49pm
  • Housing & salary? 10/21/2013  4:36pm

    Can anyone tell the salary range? Their audition post says "professional weekly salary", which isn't too informative.

    Also, is the housing shared or private rooms?


    03/01/2015  8:23pm

    i think its between 100-600 depending on parts

    04/19/2015  3:49pm

    I would say 375-550 is realistic. Some smaller ensemble contracts may be as low as 275-300. Meals included every time food is available at the theatre. There are no Guest Artist contracts...or any EMC. Straight Non-eq.
    Push-pull is expected of everyone. From my experience, it was never "more than expected." If you're a 98-pound chorus girl, you won't be pulling roll drops.
    For smaller musicals, there is sometimes a dresser. Usually just a deck manager who also serves as SM. Notes are given weekly in most cases, dance captain hired from within the cast, usually at contract signing.

    02/25/2016  3:34pm
    11/06/2015  10:01am

    I had a fairly positive experience.

    The condos are nicely sized, and if you are a lead or in a small cast you usually get your own room. The only downside I see to the housing is that some of the condos have mold in the bathroom. You have free access to the outdoor pool a few blocks down in the housing community.
    As far the company cars - EEK. We were given two, and they were constantly dying. One had a smoke emerging from the hood on our way home and they took it in to get checked, though they didn't find anything wrong with it. Then the gas pedal stopped working. I hope they scrapped that car. The other car was a little more reliable, but the speedometer didn't work and the break pedal was harder to press down. Both cars died while on contract (and were jumpstarted the next day). Frightening.
    The show quality is great. Costumes are wonderful (they custom made my costumes for the show), the set was great. I don't know how dancing is on the stage, though I can imagine it being rough on the knees. We had a live band on stage with us, though I hear in other productions the music is canned.
    To get to stage right, you have to walk through the kitchen.
    Backstage area is decent, they have about 3-4 dressing rooms.
    They are professional, though miscommunication can be a problem (or non-communication).

    If I were a newbie going to Prather, I would absolutely say go. It's on the higher end of non equity - both in professionalism and in quality of the shows.

    You get a lot of discounts, and on your days off, I would take advantage of that. I got to go to SeaWorld for half price (about a 3 hour drive, Disney World is 3.5 away), and you get discounts on Busch Gardens and a lot of other local attractions. Be sure to check out the Edison and Ford Winter Estates! Catch-22 has karaoke nights. There is also a golf course that is on the discount sheet that lets you feed alligators.
    All in all, a nice vacation away from NYC :)

  • definitely non-eq    
    10/29/2015  9:13am

    Everything on here seems oddly positive... and the calls are always super full for this company as from the outside it seems to be one of the better non-eq companies to work at... and maybe it is! But I feel that I have a duty to my fellow non-eqs to tell you the truth of my experience. I worked there a while back and it wasn't exactly an easy time.

    Here are the two biggest things I can remember needing a break from by the end of it:

    1. The cars are scary. - We constantly were afraid they would break down because they smelled of gas and made noises... and I recently heard of how one of them broke down in the middle of a highway and they gave it back to the cast to drive about a day later. Just not safe! The only good van was often being taken away from us so the producer could use it for his kids basketball team... which makes me think that maybe not all casts had the luxury we had by having that van. :/

    2. Backstage conditions made it difficult to focus on our actual contracted jobs. - First of all the stage and rehearsal space was basically dancing on concrete... goes without saying that that's not safe for anyone. Secondly, there was basically no backstage crew. One stage manager... and thats it. You will be playing big roles and be in charge of moving multiple set pieces... this (and every other out of the ordinary trait of this company) is charmingly called "the prather way" by everyone involved. If something breaks there is one person to fix it. If a costume splits open its you and your compadre's job to figure it out. Further more I witnessed several counts of sexism, unprofessionalism and sexual harassment out of the SM we worked with. Unacceptable... and nothing was done about it. This is why we have a union guys. Don't let this happen to you. It makes me sad that people need a job so bad that they will put up with that kind of behavior and continue to work with the company.


    It makes me so sad that I feel I have to lambast this company on here because there really are a few WONDERFUL people who work for them and the directors and choreographers tend to be great people. But you ALL deserve to know the truth about working here. If you haven't worked at an equity theater yet I STRONGLY suggest you don't work for Prather for your first "professional" contract. If you don't go into it knowing some equity procedures and rules you might mistake this for great working conditions and then get stuck in their wheelhouse of non-eq actors who think that just because they are continually cast by them that they are working and don't need to branch out. That's how they get you! Don't let them take you away from auditioning for jobs that treat you like a human. Don't let them use and abuse you for 9 shows and $100 a week under the guise that you will be working near the beach and for two whole months... maybe do it for the experience of playing a role you have always wanted to play, to "pay your dues", to cut down on your inflated ego- or simply if you really really REALLY need to get away from the city and be in a something... but be careful and don't expect chocolate on the pillow.

    Love you guys - please make good decisions on where to spend your time and energy!