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Gig&Tell: Riverside Theatre

  • Fantastic    
    02/16/2014  12:40am

    If you get an offer, TAKE IT! This theatre is top notch. They take care of you!

    Theatre: Allen is committed to bringing great high quality theatre to the region. The production values are outstanding. Our sets were all built specifically for the show and were gorgeous! Caitlin the company manager is great about solving any problems you encounter with your apartment or anything really!

    Housing: There's the hotel or apartments. You get your own room at the hotel. The hotel also has FREE BREAKFAST every morning. The spread is quite fantastic. There's also a super market really close by. But the rooms just have a tiny fridge and microwave.

    The apartments are scattered around Vero Beach. You get your own room and bathroom. If you're a principle and negotiate, you can get your own apartment. The majority of the cast stayed at Walker Woods which is 20 minutes away from the theatre.

    I (Ensemble) got to live in an amazing townhouse with a lead that was 5 minutes from the theatre and a 2 minute walk from the beach!

    Transportation: If you live in an apartment you share a car with your roommate. If you stay at the hotel, you split 2 or 3 cars between whomever is staying at the hotel. Once you burn through the gas stipend, you do have to pay for the gas on your own.

    Gym: There is a gym membership provided for your contract. The Jungle Club was great. Never really crowded with lots of different equipment.

    Vero Beach: A nice quiet little town with lots of great place to shop and eat. Also you're in Florida so... Amazing weather! Theatre itself is a 5 minute drive to the beach! The city is very aware of the theatre and after you open you will get recognized!

    This is just the short version. I could go on forever about how great they are!

    One of my favorite contracts I have ever worked regionally....would go back in a heartbeat...highly recommend taking a gig if offered.....;)

    03/14/2016  7:57pm
  • WONDERFUL! 03/21/2012  3:50pm

    EVERYTHING about this theatre is WONDERFUL!!!!!

    I will second that!! Beautiful theater, great people, great housing, wonderful town. I would love to work there again!

    04/02/2012  2:06am

    Incredibly amazing. Work there if you can.

    03/19/2013  5:51pm

    I just did a show at Riverside and it was one of the happiest of my career. The theatre is top notch, the show beautifully produced and the audiences totally supportive and enthusiastic. Vero Beach is a gorgeous place to spend a few weeks in the winter, and the housing and cars and all around experience are just what an actor dreams of.

    02/23/2015  11:03am