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Gig&Tell: Bloomsburg Theatre Ensemble

    12/13/2013  3:07pm

    If you get the chance to work with this theatre, I highly recommend it. This is a true community of artists who are bringing incredible theatre to an area which otherwise would not have much exposure to it. The town is adorable and cares so much about this company. The acting internship is really one of a kind; you will get 9 months of paid work-- and when I say work, I mean substantial roles in mainstage productions-- as well as scene study and the chance to see what ensemble theatre really means. You will be at every ensemble meeting and help choose BTE's next season. On top of that, you and the other ensemble intern get to choose a show together to add to the season that features the two of you. What? Craziness. If you get an offer from these guys to be an intern or guest artist, DO IT.