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Gig&Tell: St. Michael's Playhouse

  • Wonderful!    
    09/01/2017  12:24am

    Worked there this past summer for their 70th season and I LOVED every second. All those involved were incredibly professional and so so amazing at their jobs, whilst also being incredibly sociable. Sometimes it's hard to find those who are both! Everything is taken care of for you. Travel (including while there when applicable), housing (complete townhouse with bathrooms and full kitchen). Access to laundry, gym, pool, dining hall and library. Also, Vermont is beautiful and the people there LOVE the Playhouse, so that's a plus. Would work there again in a heartbeat!

  • A dream    
    08/14/2012  10:08am

    This place is a dream to work for. Highly recommended!

    I am am AEA member currently working here and I cannot say enough good things about this theatre. They follow the rules, the housing is nice (everyone has their own room, even non-eq!), (but bring/buy/a mattress pad if you can), the facilities are beautiful, and EVERYONE is incredibly professional! I am having a blast here, and I would not hesitate to come back, given the opportunity!

    06/30/2016  12:37am

    Is there pay?

    02/23/2017  3:56pm