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Gig&Tell: Texas Musical Drama

  • Challenging    
    10/10/2015  1:08pm

    I gigged here in 2013 and It was a wonderful, challenging experience. This is an outdoor theater (in a CANYON) where you will wear clothes from the 18th century in 102 degrees. I'm talkin' long sleeves and collars up to your neck. Being a native Texan the dry heat didn't affect me much, but it can be very taxing to your voice. Remember to drink plenty of water and your fine. The pay LOOKS good until you realize you have to pay for your room and board. I ended up only receiving about $200 a week to spend on myself/savings/food. If you don't have a car you save on gas but you're 20 min away from the closest city, and there's NOTHING to do in Canyon.
    I don't associate what I've just written as the negative side, but the challenging side. This truly prepared me for touring jobs. You perform the show 6 nights a week for 3 months. That's about 67 times. If you do this job and still want to do theater, you are in the right field. The only negative thing that I can say about the experience is that the dressing rooms are IN the set shop. It is required that all carpenters, set designers, ect. are to stop working when the actors come in to prevent injury. We walked in one day to find that the workers were not only still working, but were welding without a protective sheet. Meaning all of us girls looked at that light and possibly received damage to the retinas. I complained about it immediately and it never happened again.
    Upsides: Most of the cast is put in the same apartment as you and you are at arms reach to your friends, lots of parties, the Canyon is one of the most beautiful natural sights you will ever see in your life, you will most definitely lose weight, and the stars are beautiful: hardly any light pollution in sight.