Gig&Tell: The Lost Colony

  • Torture    
    11/16/2014  11:06pm

    Lived five people to a 2-bedroom, 1-bath with only a kitchenette. Seriously.

    Dismal pay, plus they charge for housing.

    The show is very racist. Their equity Queen Elizabeth was often drunk for shows the year I was there. There were torches and live firearms handled, as well as tumbling on a CONCRETE stage with no hazard pay.

    The rehearsal spaces were always incredibly hot and full of bugs.

    No cars provided, no public transportation and no shops or entertainment within walking distance.

    Constant partying, if that's your thing. If it isn't, you're screwed.

    If you do make it to town, Manteo is very cute and there's a lot to do.

    Huuuuge cast (upwards of 100) so you're likely to make a few friends for life, but you're guaranteed to have a few people rub you the wrong way.

  • Ok for a first 'professiomal' gig 03/20/2012  12:04pm

    I worked here a few summers ago. It's a lovely theatre on the outer banks of NYC. The housing is awful unless you're lucky enough to get one of the few rooms with only 2 people in them. The cast is really clicky with many people returning every year. Every night people get ridiculously drunk as if it were a college frat house. The pay isn't great and many people get jobs in the nearby town to supplement the $200 a week pay. The director is great and costume design is beautiful. The show os everythng you would think an outdoor drama would be. Overall I'm not upset I went because there are some killer contacts and friendships I made in the city but I would never consider going back unless it were run a bit more professionally..

    I totally agree with the above post. I worked here the summer of my sophomore year in college. We worked long days rehearsing and doing work backstage, but once the show opened you have a lot more free time. Back when I did it, we also did two other musicals but those are a thing of the past now.
    It's hard sometimes, honestly the show is terrible, but the people who work on it are incredible. If you work here you will make fantastic contacts, have life-long friends, and you get paid to live on the beach! When you're not performing, you're having a blast with your friends. I still keep in touch with many of the people I worked with there and see them all over the city.
    Despite all the negative things about the housing/show/work days, etc, it was one of the most fun summers of my life. I think every young actor should work at Lost Colony at least once at the beginning of their careers. Any contract you have afterwards will be a piece of cake. "Oh, the theatre has a roof? No problem! I don't have to perform on sand? cakewalk!" haha

    05/17/2012  3:45pm