Gig&Tell: The Miracle Worker

  • Not a review just a question about it. 03/13/2014  9:21am

    No I haven't worked for them before, and I'm not sure how much of a chance this has of being seen to be answered, but I'm curious has anyone by some miracle (pun halfway intended) worked for them? I've played Annie before and would love to do it again but professionally this time, and they seem legit, and I figure why not try to do the show again right where this history all began right?? :) And auditions?? the website is very vague and doesn't seem well kept up even though the info is.

    I worked there as a child for several years (about 15 years ago). As far as I know, it is still mostly locals and it does not pay. I know from FB they are having auditons next week in Tuscumbia.

    03/13/2014  7:28pm