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Gig&Tell: Theatre by the Sea

  • Artistic Director - Kevin Hill    
    03/08/2017  9:56pm

    I can only imagine that the posts here seeking to vilify Mr Hill were left by some bitter little queens. He has in no way displayed these characteristics, to my knowledge, at this theatre or at NSMT. Kevin is always professional and a pleasure to work with/for. I would highly recommend working for TBTS, and for Kevin Hill.

    Has anyone notice that Kevin’s fiancé is now in ever show at North Shore and theatre by the sea? It’s embarassing for both because everyone laughs at it.

    10/18/2017  2:41am

    Also wouldn’t be surprised if this 5 star review wasnt left by Kevin. Lol.

    10/18/2017  2:43am

    After doing two shows with this theater I can say for sure that Kevin is fantastic. Never witnessed any of the crap people mention in oder reviews.

    10/19/2017  11:02pm

    I’ve actually done more than two here, so your opinion is limited.

    11/02/2017  1:29am
  • Artistic Director    
    02/14/2014  4:38pm

    I recently saw that the Artistic Director of this theatre is Kevin P. Hill.

    I am writing to express my concern and to warn future employees that this man is extremely unprofessional. He speaks down to actors and yells (as an adult, one should NEVER be yelled at in my opinion). I've heard of experiences where he got involved in cast members' personal relationships and has even dated cast members.

    In this climate, I am aware that the need for a job often trumps the quality of work. I stress to everyone that maybe this is the job to stay away from, at least while Mr. Hill holds a position of power...

    Yes, agreed. I'd beware of him. Very sketchy and seedy unless you're the one he's currently sleeping with in the cast.

    02/21/2014  10:48am

    Yup- everything said here is true. Production itself was fine but Kevin Hill is embarrassingly unprofessional.

    09/01/2015  5:48pm

    I've recently had the chance to work with Kevin and these things that you guys are saying do not match my experience with him at all....he was very kind and quiet but as a director and even artistic director, when he wanted to know something done a certain he would make it known which I did not see any problem with. As a director definitely laid back which is not exactly my style but overall I really enjoyed working with him

    01/06/2016  5:25pm

    Can any recent interns (within the past 2 years) comment on the acting internship and what it entails?

    And another opinion on the direction of the company?

    01/28/2016  12:27pm
  • Kevin Hill    
    11/18/2015  9:57pm

    I've had a different experience with Kevin.

    My working relationship has been enjoyable and productive. He was the Artistic Director for one show and my director for another. He's a hard worker, and wants to get it right. The regional theatre production process is rushed and crazy, yes. But if you're prepared and capable of doing 8 times a week what you shared in your audition, you'll have a great time.

    He has a great sense of humor, but he wants the show to be ready right away. He's not a director who likes a lot of exploration through the scene work. He wants to set the show quickly. He has an idea of what he wants, and when he's the director, he kind of gets dibs on that.

    Be professional and I think you'll be treated professionally. At least, that was my experience.

  • Amazing when it was OSTC    
    09/25/2012  8:58pm

    Theatre By The Sea's managing production company WAS Ocean State Theatre Company. Under artistic director Aimee turner it was an amazing amazing experience. I was in their cast of How To Succeed and what a TREAT it was. They are no longer the production company at TBTS anymore however and have acquired a venue in Warwick to be appropriately call Ocean State Theatre. If you have the opportunity to work for OSTC at OST jump at it!

    I also worked there last summer with OSTC and it was an amazing experience. I am sure this new reign will be great as well. But if you do get an offer from Ocean State Theatre Company, take it. Very professional!

    02/28/2013  6:14pm

    Oh goodness, I couldn't disagree more. They were the worst part of my experience.

    08/14/2014  11:14pm
  • New Management 02/19/2013  11:44pm

    Now that OSTC is no longer producing, it should be worlds better.

    The artistic team that is taking over (mainly Arianna Knapp and the team from North Shore) is fantastic so the theatre will definitely continue to thrive!

    02/20/2013  12:35pm
  • Gym membership is included in the contract and its on the BEACH! Beautiful place to work

    03/28/2012  12:43pm

    You can't really review Theatre by the Sea. It is a space that is leased out- currently being used by "Ocean State Theatre Company."

    I believe Bill Hanney owns it (owner of NSMT)but he does not produce the shows there currently. So business practices/show quality may depend on which production company is using the space.

    03/29/2012  2:21pm

    It's a hot place to work, no air conditioning... But they put on great shows.

    It is still Theatre By the Sea... That's the only theatre there.

    NYC directors and choreographers. EMC points if you're non-eq. And you're by the beach!

    03/30/2012  8:48am

    Can anyone speak to the intern program?

    04/01/2012  1:50pm

    I did the intern program, and it was one of the most amazing summers. It is truly hard work, long lonnggg hours and the intern housing is pretty interesting but the show quality is great, EMC points and they hire super cool people.

    04/18/2012  8:30pm

    They cast a white girl as Little Inez in Hairspray...enough said.

    05/20/2012  1:43pm

    Wonderful experience! The production staff is absolutely amazing and accommodating. Everyone is incredibly professional and takes their job very seriously, but in a good way. At the same time everyone just really enjoys working together. It is "summer stock," but at the same time it's way more than your average summer stock. No air conditioning in the cast house or theatre (but there is A/C in the rehearsal hall, thank goodness), fantastic interns, performing in a beautiful barn, right next to gorgeous New England beaches. Really can't complain. They bring in different designers and directors, etc for each production so you're not stuck with every show all summer looking and feeling exactly the same. Again, this is all more a review of Ocean State Theatre Company who has been running Theatre by the Sea. OSTC is getting a brand new theatre in Warwick this winter and will start doing year-round theatre at that space. Very excited for them. So, all in all Ocean State Theatre Company is fantastic. Work for them if you ever get the chance.

    08/20/2012  3:17pm