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Gig&Tell: Trumpet in the Land

  • 02/05/2013  9:24pm

    Does anyone know anything about this theatre?

    Hello! Yes, I worked there the summer of '08. Still in college. It was my first summer stock-ish experience.
    Trumpet is located in New Philadelphia, OH. It is an outdoor theatre. They do mostly "historical" plays with one musical, a childrens show, and a dance concert in rep. Pay, from what I remember is $200/ week +$25-ish (negotiable?) increase if you are cast in any lead roles, dance captain, vocal captain etc... They do NOT provide housing. However, Margaret (owner) will help you find housing. Rent there is dirt cheap. I would recommend bringing a car if possible. The theatre is located outside of town. The town itself is very small. There is a Walmart, mall, movie theatre within short driving distance. Cute little cafe and a good dive bar in the center of town. BUT you are in Ohio, very close to West Virginia. Definitely a little red neck. I'm not gonna lie....
    The historical shows are outdated and honestly pretty damn bad. Chances are you will be portraying a native american at some point. I have no idea how they continue to get away with this. It's offensive. You will have to wear TD (texas dirt) make up. ALL OVER. I mean, ALL OVER. You'll be sweating the stuff out of pores for weeks after you leave OH....
    As I said before the theatre is outside, in the elements. It gets hot. Sometimes it rains. Sometimes the horse decides to shit in the middle of the stage. Did I mention there were horses?! Oh, and you'll be playing with guns and fire. Yup. For serious.
    The director, choreographer, musical director, and many of the actors have been working there for YEARS. They return season after season to do the same shows and the same roles. Joey and Margaret Bonamico are lovely people. Overall, I had a great time that summer. Met and made some friends and people I am still in touch with today. It's a family atmosphere.
    Would I tell an NYC actor to leave the city and go spend a summer at TRUMPET? NO WAY! You'll be miserable, most likely.
    Would I tell a freshman-junior college kid to go get their first summer stock job with Trumpet? Sure! Why not? (If nothing better comes up!)
    Trumpet is kind of like theatre summer camp w/ per diem.

    02/10/2013  12:00am

    Any other updateed info? Maybe from anyone who has worked there after 2008?

    03/27/2014  4:27pm

    Hi! I just finished working with Trumpet over the summer. Even though I met some amazing/talented people... I wouldn't work for this company again. Joe and Margaret Bonamico are wonderful people to work with, I adore them. Okay, there are many things that I could rant about, but I'll just tell you a few. So the dressing rooms are gross. TD EVERYWHERE!!!!! Not only is there TD all over the place, but there's also black mold, spiderwebs and occasionally a rat or two. One of the things that was really frustrating was that they never cleaned up the horse poop. A friend of mine asked the person in charge of the horses if they could clean it up. He then said that the actors can clean it up themselves if it's that big of a problem. Rude. I can't tell you how much poop I walked in this summer, it was truly nasty. I would not work with them again.

    01/15/2015  7:10pm

    I worked with Trumpet last summer and had an absolutely wonderful time! I met some of the nicest people in my life there. Joe and Margaret are incredible people who truly care about the work they do and the stories they're telling. I did not encounter any issues that I didn't expect given the outdoor space and nature of the productions. It's a great place for college students to start their summer stock careers, and if I were ever in a situation where I was without a summer job, I know that I would always be welcomed back, which is a truly fantastic feeling. I cannot thank this company enough for giving me my start and an amazing summer.

    02/09/2015  10:51pm

    You definitely learn how to work under extreme weather. I quickly got over my fear of bugs. They are nice people, a welcoming place, however; it is under budget, you are honestly underpaid, the script is not that great, TD (the make up) is basically red face and in my opinion, although I understand the concept - is racist. They are not well prepared for rain, I saw a lot of people get injured the season I was there, from horse accidents, to falling down wet stairs with fire in hands, to props hiding in darkness to hit your knees on, to injured dancers, I feel like it was too much stress on ones body and too much risk with not enough pay. I loved the vibes and if I found myself unemployed I would return, but it just needs more to make it run smoother. It is fun, you learn a lot, the rehearsal schedule you did not find out till midnight the day before, they have people returning for their 10th season in the same role, but you LEARN and GROW. So it up to you I will not say it is horrible nor amazing. If they had proper funding it probably could be phenomenal. But without that, there is just a lot of risk and overwork.

    03/12/2017  8:10pm