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Gig&Tell: Tuacahn Theatre

  • Tuacahn Amphitheatre    
    01/08/2016  12:27pm

    A few updated facts from other posts in here:

    They offer tons of equity contracts. They also offer EMC points to non-equity. The equity salary posted on the breakdown is $861/week minimum, non-eqs are paid $400/week in rehearsals and $500/week once performances begin.

    Housing: about 10 min. from the theatre and everyone stays in the same apartment complex (non-equity and equity are not split up into different housing locations anymore). Two people per apartment unit. They each get their own room and bathroom, and the apartment has a full kitchen, and dining area/living room.

    Transportation: Equity members receive rental cars (about 3 people per car), and non equity split a large van. Gas cards are given to everyone and filled with a certain amount per week, and if you happen to use more than what's given, then you spend your own money. If you can bring your own car, do it. There are so many places near St. George that you will want to travel to (Grand Canyon, Zion National Park, Hiking areas, Sight Seeing, State Parks, etc)!

    The production quality of the theatre is kind of outstanding. Just about any technical aspect that you can imagine that can be done on a stage, Tuacahn can do it since it's an amphitheatre -- and trust me, they do it all. There are lots of pros to working here, but there are also lots of cons, as with any regional theatre. It's a lot of work, they do their shows in repertory, and it's a long contract. Really nice people to work with. Overall, it's a great place to work!

    Amen. Worked there 2 different times. It's not easy (if you don't like bugs or wind, this is NOT for you). But if you want a nice long contract, lots of equity points/insurance weeks, and to live in one of the most beautiful places on this planet, you should go for it. They do thing there technically that just aren't done in other places. Like vehicle on stage AND live animals AND full on flooding the stage AND a great relationship with Disney Theatrical AND 6 months of work. I'd go back in a minute if they'd have me. But again, it's not for everyone. Whiners need not apply.

    02/26/2016  12:12am

    2018 Casting at Tuacahan: I auditioned for two productions in the Rep Season. After my final callback, they pulled me aside and took full costume measurements. But I did not got any confirmed casting offer, instead a week later, I got an e-mail from the casting office telling me that I was "on hold' for the roles for which I auditioned and that over the next two weeks while they continued their auditions they would be contacting those whom they were casting. I did not hear from them during that two weeks but was called into the same casting office for another production that was going to take place over the same contract time as the Tuacahan contract. and based on that I thought they had found someone else. After another 2 weeks, have passed from that deadline, I get an e-mail from the same casting director asking about my interest in 1 one the two productions for which I did the final callback and stating that if I had interest they would tell the Producer:Ryan Norton to contact me. I told them that I did have interest in the one production... now four days have passed, no e-mail, text or phone call from the producer. At this point I finding the casting process behavior strange and abusive. Anyone have a similar experience ?

    03/19/2018  12:12pm
  • Pay 01/21/2013  9:51pm

    Was wondering what they generally pay non eq, or what the base pay is?

    They offered $400. They deduct $20 for housing, and $2 for a refundable deposit. You are taxed on that full amount. Make sure you ask about who is paying for gas. Non-equity housing is about 30 mins from venue. A lot of quirks, but generally a nice enough place to work.

    02/05/2013  1:21pm

    Do you know if they offer points?

    01/31/2015  3:55pm

    They do :)

    03/27/2015  6:44pm

    Never again.

    09/10/2015  1:49am

    Are they at all flexible with conflicts? Like are there swings/understudies, or do you have to be there for every rehearsal and show throughout the whole contract?

    01/30/2016  3:56am

    Pay has gone up a bit for non equity, last summer it started at $400/ week during rehearsals and then went up to $500/ week once you opened the first two shows.

    01/16/2018  12:06am
  • "As Cast" 02/29/2016  12:53pm

    Hi y'all!!

    I just got booked with Tuacahn for the first time this summer which is super exciting but what does "As Cast" mean in the contract? A little lost there...

    Thanks so much :)

    I believe "as cast" refers to smaller roles you may also be cast during rehearsals. ( Like the soloists in Tarzan, which pirate in Peter Pan and all the different parts in Hunchback) I hope this helps and see you soon!

    03/18/2016  7:20pm

    Absolutely LOVED working here! The theatre itself and the surrounding scenery is insanely beautiful, the production value/ special effects they are able to do is truly some of the best in the business and the people are great! You will be busy with three shows but it will also be a very rewarding and fulfilling summer/fall!

    01/16/2018  12:04am