Gig&Tell: Walnut Street Theatre

  • Theatre School    
    08/20/2013  10:44am

    Great theatre school in addition to performance experiences. Specifically in regard to the Masters' Division Advanced Acting class, the Walnut offers great things to the actors of Philadelphia.

    The Walnut is a great place to work. Pay is high for equity (900) and even non-eq. Huge subscriber base and always full audiences. Would love to work here again.

    10/12/2015  2:36pm

    I was offered an 'understudy to the ensemble' position 2 years ago after videos and full NYC callbacks (dance and reading). As non eq, I was offered 25 dollars a week. To keep my schedule open for 13 weeks and maybe perform. I already had ensemble positions at HUGE equity houses on my resume (Riverside in Vero) and numerous non eq leads.

    When I asked to think about it and pulled out later, I was chastised for giving a verbal 'yes' and to be 'more cautious' in future negotiations.

    I wished Walnut would pave the way for non eq pay in a small regional scene, they have the funds to do so.

    02/17/2016  6:40pm

    Any update on the non-eq pay? $25 a week? Are you kidding me? I'm assuming that's for the Apprentice program? But still.

    "Five stars" person above said that non-eq pay is high. Does someone know what non-eq (not in apprentice program) are paid?

    01/27/2018  11:11am

    They were offered an “extra” position. It used to be $125 a week yearsssss ago but I guess it has gone down. Basically they are in costumes to move set pieces and sometimes sing if allowed. It’s how the walnut gets around paying union members to move set pieces. They are also cheap understudies, mostly for the ensemble.

    01/31/2018  2:08pm
  • Love it here! 03/20/2012  1:30pm

    Most of the time, non-eqs are local and eqs are a mix of local and out of town. You may get lucky and get a non-eq contract plus housing here if they need something specific. The housing is a 10 minute walk from the theater in center city at a nice hotel. You get your own room and there is a roof top pool! Production value is usually quite good. Great directors. Nice team of people on run crew. The dressing rooms have wifi (haha). Walnut also has long runs (12-13 week contracts) which is also a plus. And it's a LORT A. I hope to work there again!

    Agreed! Best place to work! Everyone is there to make the show a success and everyone is happy! Hope to work here again soon!

    12/18/2012  8:14am