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Gig&Tell: Weathervane Theater Players

  • Weathervane Theatre in NH 03/20/2012  9:39pm

    Would like to hear from anyone who has worked or interned there.
    How was the experience and was it worth the fee?

    I worked in the Equity Company one summer and it was one of my best professional experiences of my life.

    There is a difference between the Equity and Intern companies (obviously one has to abide by AEA rules, the other doesn't), and the Interns work incredibly hard. But the AEA company does as well. It is a ridiculous schedule--I liken it to running a marathon. You just keep going and going and going. If you're looking at the intern program, and you can manage the fee, I think it is a wonderful experience. I am very good friends with a lot of the interns from my year and many said they learned more than summer than they did in their whole four years of college. You will take regular classes (dance, voice, acting, etc), as well as rehearse your children's shows which perform in the theatre and tour, and be a part of the mainstage shows, working on stage and off stage. You will leave the summer with some serious credits on your resume, and if you play it right, some great connections and friends.

    As for the AEA Company, if it's a good season for you and your type, same thing: you leave with 5-6 more credits than you had at the beginning of the season, you work your a** off, but it is very fulfilling. I would go back in a heartbeat.

    Also, I think they do an excellent job of putting together a "company" in a very authentic sense. They don't just hire talented people, they hire the most talented people, who can live, work and make great art together. It is hard, whether you're an intern or not, and by the end of my 10 weeks there I was exhausted. But I was very happy to have worked there.

    03/29/2012  8:13am

    I couldn't agree more with the review above. I did the intern program a couple of years ago and it was a very awarding experience. You do work your ass off. With little time to yourself. However, it's like a musical theatre camp in the sense that you're always rehearsing, performing, or taking class, or working on the crews. I got my first EMC points here as well as getting college credit. I'm very happy to have them on my resume. PLUS they do alt. rep. So it's nice to put that on your resume as well.

    However, don't get caught up in personal matters there. Just focus on the shows, and your health.

    Everyone that works there is great, and I still go to the annual christmas party in the city ever since. :)

    10/15/2012  11:38am

    I would LIKE to post a scathing review of this place but a lot has changed since I worked there so I really don't know what the 411 is now. If youre going to intern, you're only going to be in the ensemble (no supporting roles or anything) and you're going to work 13 to 14 hours a day, doing manual labor for both the children's shows and the mainstage shows. Be sure you don't have another offer before accepting. The area is STUNNINGLY beautiful. The 9 EMC points didnt suck. It's going to cost about 2500 dollars to do it for the 2015 season. I think you're better to try for a better internship if that's the route youre looking to go as a performer. Just my .02.

    11/17/2014  8:33pm

    Speaking as an alum of the intern program...

    Pros: 9 EMC points, the BEAUTIFUL location, frequent parties, laid back get togethers, amazing amazing amazing friendships built in the blink of an eye, family atmosphere in the entire TOWN, not just the theater, fun show seasons, amazing weather, TONS of fun outdoorsy stuff to do on your day off, and the patrons just LOVE the company members. They don't have access to much professional theater in the area so year to year the patrons look forward to meeting the new company members and falling in love with each and every one of them. There's 9,097 opportunities to perform every day here, and it's just an amazing, collaborative family environment. You learn how to discipline yourself, keep your voice in shape, and keep a handle on up to 7 tracks at a time since different children's and MainStage shows go up every night. Artistically fulfilling like you wouldn't believe.

    Cons: the 2,000$ fee, the separation of the equity company and the interns, the manual labor late nights after shows NIGHTLY breaking down sets getting ready for the following evening's show, early mornings performing for the children, 12-16 hour days, and you'll spend more time carrying set pieces on the stage during shows than performing. The schedules aren't always clear and are never posted in a timely manor. The adorable theater/dressing rooms do NOT have any heating or cooling, so good luck applying make up in the scathing heat, or waking your body up on cold mornings. No pay as an intern, and the food is... Not the best. Company cars are seemingly never available, and you'll have access to wifi about 10% of the time.

    If you're mellow, positive and a wonder of a multitasker, you will flourish here. I still miss the food/cocktails at The Inn. I strangely wouldn't have changed a single thing about my summer in the North Country.

    01/27/2015  6:04pm

    I was at Weathervane as an Intern in the WIP company and can safely say it was the best experience I have ever had in my career. I did the internship the summer after graduating from my undergrad it really started my career on the right professional path I wanted. If you get offered an intern position it is absolutely worth every dime. It was a hard summer being in the children's theatre shows, as well as smaller roles on the main stage, and also helping out with costumes/sets/makeup. If you really love theatre though, it is the kind of work that we live for. I would do it all over again if I could! I have gone on to work consistently and owe it all to what I learned that amazing summer in Whitefield NH.

    05/10/2015  1:21pm

    Absolutely worth it 100%! I was an intern and it was one of the best experiences I've ever had. The cost seems hefty at first, but once you're there you don't even think about it because it's such a blast. First of all, you get to be in 3 (sometimes 4) of the 7 mainstages, and all 4 of the children's shows. Interns do have to complete a tech assignment for one of the mainstage shows you're not in, as well as crew/shop hours for the children's show sets, costumes, etc. Totally manageable though. You get 9 EMC points, and you're running shows in rep 6 days a week. The schedule is absolutely insane, especially for the interns. But doing shows in rotating rep is an invaluable experience. Constantly working, performing, and learning. Not to mention the housing isn't bad, and the area is gorgeous. You're fed lunch and dinner everyday but Sunday, and company cars are provided for those without their own. Definitely recommend!

    10/13/2015  11:41pm

    So, this is for the intern program ONLY:
    It’s kind of ridiculous. You pay $2,000 to get SLAVED OUT and blamed for pretty much everything that goes wrong. It’s one thing to do a whole bunch of work and get paid for it or even not get paid at all but to PAY? It’s a lot and the interns are treated like the scum of the non eq earth. Interns do more work than anyone involved in the season and still get told that they’re lazy and shitty from upper management. That being said: the group is like a big family and mostly everyone is very supportive. It is a humbling experience and some people do need to get their asses kicked but it is quite annoying that while everyone else is getting paid there, they still are called less than half the time that you are called throughout the day and get bigger parts than you. Definitely work there if you are being hired for an actual role and not as an intern. They have a blast. I think if they want to continue to have an intern program they should either make it free or make it slightly less insane. Just my opinion.

    08/29/2018  12:41pm