Gig&Tell: Westchester Broadway Theatre

  • Lovely    
    12/14/2012  2:46pm

    Really lovely place with few issues. Abides by Equity rules whether or not you're EMC or Equity. Loved rehearsing in the city. Not the most glamorous of backstage setups, but they pay well enough and the creative teams/casts are often times Broadway vets. Great connections to be made!

    Overall, great regional theater to work at while still living in NYC.

    Good connections, for sure.

    However, if you get cast in chorus make sure you ASK if your understudying a role. When I worked there, my understudy didn't even he know he was until he read the program. So make sure you ask!

    I hope to work there again in the future!

    02/04/2013  5:01pm

    Couldn't have had a better time! So convenient for us NYC-based actors. You won't be doing your best work - the 10 day rehearsal process doesn't leave a lot of room for that - but you make it what you bring to it. Always got paid on time, and reimbursed for anything else that came up. Highly recommended.

    08/22/2013  12:56pm

    Worked multiple shows at WBT and never had a bad experience. Learning from Broadway actors and directors is always a plus and the management and crew make your stay very welcoming. Often got called in when another actor left the show. If they like you they will use you.

    12/02/2013  12:48pm

    There's auditions coming up for a show there that i think I have a shot at. I see the comments about how convenient it is but when I look up how to get there, I see that the closest train station I can find is 10 miles away.

    So, how are NYers getting there and back for every show? Do they provide transportation?

    Do they have housing?

    01/03/2014  12:12am

    they provide transportation in the world famous "van" that is parked near 50th and 11th in Midtown. it's kind of a wreck, but at least it gets you to and from the city. no housing is ever provided.

    01/19/2014  2:05am

    Had the most fantastic time working at WBT.
    Transportation to and from the city to the theatre. Short rehearsal process in the city or at the theatre.
    Great technical team, had no issues!
    They abide by equity rules and treat non-equity in every production the same.
    The show quality and sets are great.
    If you can get hired here, you will have a blast!!

    01/15/2015  3:50pm

    Westchester is a great place to work. Very short rehearsal process, but if you come in prepared (memorized) you will be just fine. They have very high show production quality, and utilize a live orchestra. They recently bought a new transportation van, so the commute isn't bad at all. I would recommend working here if you get the opportunity.

    10/26/2015  10:55am