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Gig&Tell: Writers' Theatre Chicago

  • WT(F)    
    02/23/2018  1:46am

    Let me begin with the positive part of my experience. It'll be brief because there's only one. I was on the wardrobe crew (for one show at this theatre). This job taught me the science of quick changes.

    Now, let's get to the bad: the wardrobe supervisor. She's...unique. She doesn't like suggestions from the peanut gallery. I would know because I tried on multiple occasions. (And when I say suggestions, I mean suggestions for improving efficiency or the wardrobe department in general.) She either gets pushed-out-of-shape or dismisses them as silly. Not a team player, that one.

    While working under her, my self-confidence took a severe dive. Between her helicoptering, micromanaging, and her strangely patronizing way of correcting/dismissing me, it's no wonder that I frequently began to doubt myself and my skills.

    All-in-all, I found this work environment to be very toxic. I felt belittled and unappreciated, and I fully lay the blame on the wardrobe supervisor. I don't ever intend to work for this company again, not unless she's retired.

    Also: I wish I'd known about the sexual harassment allegations against the artistic director of this theatre. If I'd been aware, I would've avoided this place entirely.