Gig&Tell: Cape Cod Repertory Theater

  • Stay Away!    
    04/04/2012  4:02pm

    This is a very unorganized operation and the shows are of very uneven quality.
    The musical director is an egomaniac who thinks he knows how to make the scores better. Needless to say he does not. The housing is nice, if you get put in the newly renovated Captain's House. The dressing rooms are a dump. Overall, not worth it for VERY little pay.

    I echo this last review. Just don't waste your time.

    09/24/2016  6:46pm
  • Lovely place    
    09/22/2012  1:37pm

    Though there are some disorganized elements, this theater is a wonderful place to work. The housing is lovely, only a 5 minute walk from the bay.

    The staff here are all good-hearted, generous people whose number one goal is to present heartfelt, inspiring theatre.

    And the musical director has been nothing but kind, and a wonderful collaborator. One of the nicest people around.