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Gig&Tell: Wagon Wheel Theatre

  • Noneq, Run like Eq 03/21/2012  12:39pm

    Great theatre-- The production team acts so professionally, and, despite being a nonequity house, they treat it like an equity one. They utilize some equity contracts for shows, and I know they are looking to have more in the future. Scott Michaels is fantastic.

    Summer productions house with locals, so you do pay a small amount for that. I believe you could walk or carpool if you do not have your own car, but a car is very helpful.

    agreed! those folks are so warm, familial, and dedicated to putting on a good show. they treat actors with respect and appreciate one's artistic value. also scott michaels' choreography will kick your butt in the best way ever! love it!

    pay is a little low, but SO worth it. for the christmas show, they put you up in the ramada across the parking lot. ultra convenient and comfortable! mini fridges and microwaves in the room.

    the hotel has got a fitness room that's not fancy, but i reckon it gets the job done.

    1/2 off at the bennigan's in the hotel for all company members.

    24 hour grocery store and walgreen's are within walking distance.

    bring your own car if you can! there are lots of places that are great to visit if you can drive.

    beautiful little community called winona lake a couple of miles away that has a great coffee place, restaurant, and little trinket shops.

    i adore this place!

    03/22/2012  7:20am

    I love the Wagon Wheel. The costume designer at the Wheel had asked me many times to design the Christmas show I always turned him down, finally one Christmas I was free and said yes. I am now entering my 4th year with the Wagon Wheel.
    The productions values are set high and everyone on staff makes sure the goals are met. The amount of work that is turned out by the set and costume crew in a manner of two weeks never fails to amaze me.
    Everyone at the Wheel is treated the same there are are no stars. You may play a lead in one show and be ensemble in the next.
    If you work at the Wagon Wheel you will have one of the most rewarding moments in your career.

    03/22/2012  9:25am

    I absolutely love this place. One of few places that EVERY person from director, run crew, band, designers, actors, is genuinely thrilled about being here. Everyone brings their A-game, an incredibly inspiring summer stock environment with amazing shows, choreo will kick your ass. I couldn't believe what a hidden gem this lake town is, too, surprisingly a very wealthy area and beautiful, lots of good restaurants, a mall, etc. They also plan to acquire more equity contracts over the next few summers.

    04/14/2012  11:30pm

    Do they accept emailed or hard copy submissions? Their website isn't current. It sounds wonderful from all these reviews, so I hope they do accept submissions!

    01/15/2013  9:14pm

    Wondering if they accept submissions? Their season is great for me this year, but alas, I'm not in Michigan or Chicago...

    01/31/2015  1:29pm

    Worked there over a Christmas contract and had such a pleasant experience! It is a quick contract, great housing, free gym just a drive away from the theatre, and a really professional environment. The production quality is so high and everyone there is super talented. You will have to strike, it helps to have a car and you will pay for your travel there and back but otherwise such a good experience!

    03/28/2016  7:15pm

    Good gig when you are very young and want to put things on your resume. Decent productions for such a small-scale, non-union house in the middle of Indiana.

    Director does not assume you know how to think for yourself or make your own choices, and will literally spoon feed you every line reading and moment of blocking. I found this an incredibly insulting, annoying and amateur way to work, but I get the impression they are used to working with very, very young and inexperienced actors. Not a place you go to have a fulfilling artistic experience, but the housing is fun and you can put something on your resume.

    06/24/2018  6:22pm