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Gig&Tell: Palace Theatre

  • 03/26/2012  8:03pm

    Has anyone ever worked at Palace before? Do they really only have shows on the weekends?

    Yes, that is accurate information, except for christmas carol. Shows are either thur-sat or fri-sun once you get into runs.
    Its a beautiful theater and if you are a dancer dancer you will love carls choreo. If you are an actor who expects feedback, you may be disappointed in that respect.

    Overall: good housing close to the theater, beautiful theater, decent pay, good productions.

    04/07/2012  10:36am

    I auditioned for Legally Blonde here, and thought I had a great audition, and was crushed when I didn't hear anything back from them! I am EMC and don't need housing, I am curious to know who was cast in Legally Blonde, mostly equity, and locals? I think it's so rude when a theater doesn't email you back after auditions!

    04/29/2012  8:09pm

    To answer your questions: They only hire perhaps one equity per show under a guest contract. Yes the do hire some locals of varying degrees depending on the show.

    And theaters almost NEVER email after an audition. They probably saw 500 people. Do you think they are going to email and say "thanks but no thanks"? In my several thousand auditions to this point, I've gotten that twice and only because I was in final callbacks for several days.

    05/09/2012  3:37pm

    I was in Legally Blonde. Maybe the stars aligned when I worked there, but for me it is one of the best Non-Equity theaters I've worked at. Beautiful theater, in a nice little town. Housing can be very cramped, so if you have a bad cast your screwed. Director's name is Carl. He knows what hes doing,and knows what he wants, but at the same time gives you a lot of space as an actor. the shows are top notch,and the production value sure does feel like an Equity house

    Every time I worked there they've only hired one equity actor, a couple local who actually do a lot more for the theater, but most are NY based.

    The only down side I could say is rehearsal process is very quick, and that maybe a great thing to some. Tech week is tech day which is great for me. Thats the only time where things mite get a little stressful. Buts thats only happened once in my experience.

    As non-equity actor I thought the theater took care of me very well. I felt like I was on vacation. I highly recommend this theater. Ive done three shows with them already, and would be more then happy to do another.

    07/26/2012  4:34am

    Thanks for all the info so far, guys.

    Anybody mind commenting on what the non-eq pay is like? It's such a awkward subject so I'm sorry to ask, but an approximate range would be great to know.

    Thank you!

    07/26/2012  5:23pm

    A friend of mine just worked there & made $500/week +housing/transportation (and he's non-eq). He was really heavily featured in the show, so, not sure if that's always what everyone makes. He really enjoyed working there. I saw the show he was in and the production was great!

    08/18/2012  7:38pm

    I did Legally Blonde here and would go back in a second! What a wonderful experience- the people are wonderful, housing/transportation is provided (shows only run on weekends so you can bus back to NYC during the week for auditions and they reimburse travel expenses), passes to Gold's Gym and the YMCA given to cast members, and you get to work in a historic Vaudeville house! the Palace Theater is an exact replica of the one on Broadway (as it was part of the old Palace Vaudeville Circut). Pretty good pay, fabulous production value, and a wonderful experience! Highly recommend it!!

    08/28/2012  11:18pm

    The Palace is an AMAZING place to work. They treat their actors really well and don't waste your time.

    They do 9-10 days of rehearsals and you get a few days off in there and 3 weekends of shows. Carl Rajotte, the Artistic Director (director, choreographer, lighting designer and even set designer) works very fast and knows what he wants. So expect to work hard and dance your face off.

    They house you about 4 blocks away from the theatre, super convenient, in this house they rent from some Church, expect a shared bedroom and up to 8 people living in the house, 2 bathrooms, but there is ample space and they supply you with EVERYTHING (laundry detergent, towels, linens, ample dishes, etc). I even bought a few things for the house (wine glasses, pot holders, etc) and they reimbursed me the NEXT day Megan Quinn, their company manager (and incredible performer as well) is so responsive and accommodating. They are happy to take you grocery shopping, or whatever you need.

    They even pay up to like $20 each way for bus-tickets back to NYC during the weeks (M-W) when you don't have shows. Most shows are Thur-Sat or Fri-Sun. AMAZING if you have a job or auditions to get back to in NYC.

    The pay is pretty great for the number of shows you do and quality of the productions is wonderful.

    Their costume designer is also in the shows and sometimes dance captain/assistant. She's incredible too.

    It's a small operation for great productions. Definitely recommend working there (they do some EGA's as well).

    01/05/2013  2:26am

    Any EMC points offered?

    03/24/2014  7:26pm

    One of the BEST theatre experiences I've had. It is too bad that they do not offer EMC points. Had an incredible experience here. Positive, friendly, supportive, beautiful theatre. The only thing I have to say is that the area is a bit sketchy so you need to be careful. Other than that work for them if the opportunity comes! Carl is brilliant and a great person. :)

    01/10/2015  8:19am

    I LOVE THIS THEATRE! it is stunning and the people that work there are beyond talented and professional. They hire two guest equity contracts a show. Usually for Xmas carol, just one and that is Scrooge. The pay is great, especially for only doing five shows a week! Carl knows EXACTLY what he wants and expects that from you once hired. He works really fast. Act one can take 2-3 days to block and then you are up on stage. There are no 10/12s!!! He is also the lighting designer and he doesn't sleep for days because he is programming lights with his SM so that the actors have a regular rehearsal day.

    His assistant Jess is a beautiful Jem and so great to work with/for. The entire team is fun and lovely. Like I said before, as long as you come prepared to work and do you job, it's fabulous.

    I've worked there a few times and it's a place a hold very dear to my heart. I consider myself to have a great work ethic. Work is work and first and foremost it's a job I was hired to do. I have made life long friendships working on 5 weeks gigs. Once the show is open, most people bus back to NYC for mom-Wednesday and come back for the shows. You get days off during your first two weeks of reh/tech. It's an old little town, but the patrons are LOVELY and really passionate about the theatre and will get to know you on a first name basis.

    The housing is brand new. Last year was the first season with the new housing. Much bigger and you will share a room, most times two to a room. Sometimes three depending on the size of the show/cast. They hire locals. The locals are great. Sometimes locals can be a bust, but at this theatre they aren't! The house is huge and walkable to the theatre in like 5-7 min. It's a town you don't walk by yourself at night though. The house has many bedrooms and bathrooms. A big kitchen where everyone will cook and keep their food. They will take care of grocery runs and set times up for that. They provide linens and towels. You just bring your suitcase and enjoy!

    There is a giant kids program and you will get to know them and they will love you and look up to you and your passion for theatre. It's inspiring. A lot of times, they will be in the shows. Especially Xmas carol! The high schoolers may be in some of the main production shows.

    If you get an offer...TAKE IT! you won't regret it. Come with a great attitude. Drama doesn't fly there at all! Come prepared to work hard and super fast and enjoy the ride!

    Hope this helps!

    09/23/2015  6:32pm

    Amazing place to work. Negotiated a higher pay than stated above, and work with top notch people.

    The marketing and community support are incredible...700 seat houses are the average, all incredibly enthusiastic. Free meals on long rehearsal days plus drink tickets on opening night. You're local celebrities!

    Mancester itself has great diners and good joints, but don't expect to hit them up until you open since most places close at 2pm (except the famous Red Arrow diner!).

    The only criticisms so far are:

    Scene work can be a little neglected amongst the AMAZING choreo Carl does, but find your own moments with your actors and he will adjust you accordingly.

    There is a company van for emergencies, but can't be used on the regular. With the housing around 12 minutes away and temperature in the teens, it can get taxing (esp with their rock-centered musicals and Diva shows). They are apparently getting new housing though soon, hopefully closer. Manchester itself has lots of meth heads...but you still feel safe.

    Take the job!

    03/08/2016  2:05pm

    worked for them within the last year. great great great! pay is good for non-eq - though I did hear that in one of their shows this year, they had actors play instruments and did not compensate them further. apparently they were hired as actor/musicians but did not know they needed to perform the show off book onstage in only a handful of rehearsals. that should've have been disclosed so they could've negotiated. again, i wasn't in that show, so it was merely what i heard from people who were on my contract. i had a great experience and that one thing about pay was the only negative i heard the entire time i was there. i'd go back in a second. they seem to ask alot of the same people back. great housing, no cast transportation unless the SM or another actor are willing to schlep you around so that was a little inconvenient. they do a ton of shows so be read to move quickly and you better come in being off-book somehow. figure it out.

    12/28/2017  3:50pm

    The Palace in Manchester NH is great. Highly recommend. The housing is a building that they have acquired that was an old convent, so not brand new. Equity contracts will get their own rooms, but everyone else pretty much shares a room. 2-3 per room. Shows perform either Thurs-Sun or Fri-Sun. Definitely come in with a good attitude and ability to pick up quickly. The show is set very quickly. Overall I enjoyed the process, the audiences were really really wonderful and our show was very well received. The Palace Theatre is a historic vaudeville house and is a very cool theater. It’s haunted too!!! The ghosts were Amazing!

    08/20/2018  3:39pm