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Gig&Tell: Armory Dinner Theatre

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    03/25/2012  8:22am

    Sadly - The last show they did: A Christmas Carol in 2011, was announced as their last show. Though there is a possiblity that they will change their mind and start up again - so...

    I had a very good experience at The Armory. The contract is fairly long (which is a plus for me). We were there about 10 weeks including reherasal. They have 2 connected Acotor Houses that are directly next to the theatre and just about 3-4 blocks from the rehearsal studio. Depending on the size of the cast housing is 2-3 (1 if your lucky) per room - and there is a washer/dryer, TV room, internet and full kitchen in each house. Shows are generally Wed-Sun (with possible doubles on Fri/Sat) making it 7 shows a week - and the pay is very competitive for NonEq houses. They've been using Scott Michaels (Artistic Director at Wagon Wheel) as their director/choreographer for a while and he is wonderful. There isn't much going on in Janesville - while the company does provide a company car, they will only allow the SM to drive it and then only to take you to the grocery store - BUT if someone brings a car or rents - Madison and Chicago aren't far away - and there's a fairly good (for a small town) bus system that can take you to the Mall or the Movies in town. All in all - if they start up again and you see an audition - you could do MUCH worse than a few months at the Armory.

    What a shame! I also had a good experience here. It's a beautiful facility and Scott is great to work for. I hope they're able to drum up enough support to continue.

    03/26/2012  11:02pm

    My last show at the Armory was A Christmas Carol. I did several shows at this theatre and loved it. I would build the show (costumes) in Indianapolis,In then pack them in Rav and make the 6 hour trip to the Armory. I am sorry they stopped doing productions for the time. But as the owner said never say never. So hopefully I will be back at the Armory having the best Tomato Bisque Soup ever!

    03/26/2012  11:39pm