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Gig&Tell: Merry-Go-Round Playhouse

  • run down -    
    07/09/2018  8:02pm

    Very quick rehearsal turnaround - good production quality. Housing seemed sub par against other comp. aea contracts. Distance to town/shopping/laundry pretty far from housing.

  • Take the Job.    
    12/12/2017  3:38pm

    I absolutely loved working here, I did two shows in one summer. I truly didn't realize JUST how top notch it was until my following gig. The company management team is hands down the best I've ever worked with. They hire first rate directors, choreographers, set designers, stage managers, ASM's, interns, you name it. They are beyond proficient in every category. Brett Smock really knows how to run a theatre, and also directs a show or two each year that are always superb. Michael Antico (Tico) is the new company manager and is brilliant, he replaced Jess Alvey who was equally as brilliant. The production value is wonderful, and the talent they hire is top tier. Their priorities and values are all exactly where they should be. Non-Eq pay is standard, housing is in an off-season college dorm for Non-Eqs and a small apartment complex for Equity. Admittedly I was bummed at first when I found out I would be sharing a college apartment with 5 people, but by the end of the summer, they were my absolute closest friends.

    This is truly a special place, and I hope I get the opportunity to work here again because I will ALWAYS take the job. Short 5 week contracts, in and out, great resume credit. And they are growing. Look for them to be in the top 10 regional theatres in the near future. I quickly see them joining the same playing field as Papermill, Goodspeed, and all the other top tier regional houses.

  • The most professional theatre company I've ever seen    
    11/22/2017  8:06am

    I worked for the Youth Tour and was in Auburn for nearly a year. I can honestly not say enough good things about the company. They are so organized and professional. They really care about putting on quality children's theatre. There is so much heart and so much savvy in this whole operation, both Summer MainStage and Youth Tour, and I could not have felt more taken care of during my contract.

    The cons are that Auburn is fairly remote if you are coming from a big city, but it is beautiful and near enough to stuff if you have a car. The youth tour company is usually populated by mostly young actors, which allegedly has caused some cases of college dorm-esque drama, living and working together in tight quarters for an extended time, however there really wasn't any drama or scandal my year. The job is difficult and trying in many ways, and if you don't like working with kids and changing lives, then it could grate on you. There is a lot more teaching involved than I originally expected. However, I found it so worth the satisfying challenge.

    Would recommend.

  • Great people & shows, bad housing    
    08/11/2017  11:25am

    Worked here several times for shows. Really great people who really work hard to help and to treat you well and great shows with nice production value. But, the housing has gone way downhill over the years. Nothing has been changed or updated. Insects, smells, things falling apart and such. They try to help out with it and are in good spirits about it, but some of it is not safe or sanitary. I want to keep coming back as they are so nice and it is a fun time, but the housing needs attention.

  • Run,don't walk, to work here!    
    07/16/2015  9:01am

    Everything you've heard about this theater is true. They are top notch and provide you with so much to make sure you are enjoying your time there! The area is beautiful, they treat you so well and the town is a lot of fun too. From the creative team to company management, everyone is respectful, friendly, and welcoming! The vibe is incredibly positive which is so refreshing! Highly recommended!

  • just the BEST.    
    03/15/2014  2:48pm

    I had always heard great things about MGR, and had the chance to work there last summer. I went in with super high hopes from what everyone had said, and they do NOT disappoint. They actually exceeded my expectations! The best thing about MGR is the fact that EVERYBODY there LOVES their job - from Ed Sayles (the producing artistic director) down to the interns doing grunt work to the amazing stage management and company management team, EVERYONE always has a smile on their faces and a spring in their step. There is such a great family and community feeling here, and it is really a joy. Run, don't walk, if you ever get the chance!

  • AMAZING like Family 03/21/2012  10:53pm

    I worked here last summer. Everything about working for Merry Go Round is amazing. You immediately feel like family with the cast, the crew, the production team, and the office staff. The area is so beautiful, rehearsals are fun, and you really get to work your chops. If you have the opportunity to work here, do NOT turn it down. It's an amazing life experience, and you will miss it everyday when you leave <3 My closest friends to date are those that I met at MerryGoRound! AND once it was on my resume, I started getting called in for appointments a lot more!

    I agree. My first professional job was with MGR and its an incredible place to work. Everyone is so nice and supportive and it really is like a second family. Great pay for a first gig. They house you, everything is within walking distance, and there are plenty of things to do in the surrounding area. I highly recommend it!

    03/28/2012  12:42pm

    amazing experience here this summer. I think they're on the path to becoming a major regional theater festival in the next few years.

    08/22/2012  8:31am

    This was a wonderful company to work for- very professional, very nice- from the company management to the artistic staff to the stage management/crew to the actors. Everyone was happy to be doing good work and sharing it with others. I felt very safe and cared for.

    The icing is that it is a beautiful area and the productions are breathtaking. I would go back in a heartbeat.

    09/25/2012  1:00pm