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Gig&Tell: Texas Family Musicals

  • Wonderful Exp (theatre has also changed a lot in recent years)    
    09/27/2017  12:06pm

    This is a theatre that ALWAYS has a lot of alumni coming back because we all had such a wonderful first experience. I was only there two summers but I worked with actors that have come back for over 15 seasons. I made some of my best friends here and have been pushed harder than any other theatre I've worked. Mike makes sure EVERYONE is showcased and pushed to do things outside their comfort zone every summer.

    I had an incredible time both years I performed here. A few years ago we were in an entirely different city than where the theatre is located now. But what I did find as a constant was how much we were taken care of by Company Management. Also this was by far one of the best pay checks I've ever been offered by a Summer Stock. Now the theatre is in a gorgeous beach town and the housing is super luxurious. Feels like a vacation plus you get to perform with some pretty cool people. Cant beat it!!!

    Also Texans are surprisingly supportive of the theatre community. They treat us sooo well and the town is ridiculously excited to see us perform.

  • Great People. Good Area, but it is a summerstock    
    03/23/2017  3:02pm

    I was there last summer and loved it!!!! Mike Skiles is the sweetest and genuinely wants the best for all of his performers. Sooo supportive, pushes everyone to try to new things, and super supportive of alumni too!! We had a lot of alumni come back.

    Hotel is cool. Beds were a little tricky the first day because the hotel messed up i guess? But it got figured out. hotel is on beach with pool, hot tub and gym access which is awesome!!!

    All the people were really nice. Had one big director and one big music director come in which was cool.

    It is a summer stock though so we worked crazy hours because there was lots of overlap with the shows.

    you should work for mike. such a sweetie!

    Thanks for this! How was the contract process? It seems everyone signs and returns contracts and THEN they mail all contracts plus travelers checks but only after all contracts are taken? Do people ever get their offer pulled after they see who takes the offer?

    03/27/2017  4:40pm

    I do not remember how travel checks worked. But Mike would NEVER pull a contract from anyone. Anyone he offers a contract to is a person he is rooting for in every sense!

    09/27/2017  11:53am
  • Middle School or Highschool style? You decide 02/13/2014  5:27pm

    They fired me in the summer of 2013. Unjustly.

    Our choreographer, stuck up blonde, slept with our musical director

    OVER USED her power.

    MIke Skiles is a two face, hypocrite scum

    &&&&& I got the role of Ritchie Valens swiped from me by somebody who is TOO OLD, & TOO Fat to play him.

    Rats & bees in the DIRTIEST FILTHIEST cast house. Known in the world.

    Shows 'r sloppy & SUCK!!!!!!

    Texas is incredible!!! this guy got fired for slapping the director and making inappropriate comments to the girls!

    Great pay and housing for a non-equity summer stock!!! It is very much a family atmosphere. Mike is like a father to everyone and super funny. The whole community is very supportive. Also everyone is showcased pretty evenly throughout the season and pushed in new ways!

    06/06/2015  10:00pm

    Glad someone saw through that...didn't exactly make himself discreet did he?

    09/14/2015  3:59pm

    BUMP any up to date info?

    03/22/2017  1:20pm
  • Bittersweet    
    03/23/2013  9:37am

    Working at TFM was very up and down. I so happened to work there in a year where everything was transitioning: they housed 17 of us in one house with 2 bathrooms. 6 of the boys had to sleep in the living room. However, I know they have different living situations this year.
    That being said, the rehearsal process is standard. 10AM to 10PM with a break for lunch, and a lot of down time in between. The producer, Mike Skiles, is an amazing man and is there for you with just a phone call away. They bring in guest directors, some of them big names. You perform in two different theaters, both of them are beautiful and the towns themselves are beautiful as well.
    It was unorganized, the people that drove there were forced to drive everyone to and from rehearsal every day (which was half an hour away from our house). We never really got a day off.
    There is a coffee house near the Uptown Theater that we ate at every day called The Brass Bean. Great food, great people, great coffee. Near Lewisville there is Squareone, which is another coffee house, there is also a diner nearby, and a Subway.
    Through it all, I met very professional performers and directors, made good connections, and had a blast.