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Gig&Tell: Fulton Theatre

  • Fulton Theatre - First rate    
    08/07/2012  4:14pm

    Fulton operates as a LORT theatre.
    My first contract after 10 years away from the 'biz' last year was a great experience. Production staff for my show was exceptional and very approachable. Theatre staff always supportive. Box office personnel knew me by name the second time I went to reserve seats. Actor housing comfortable and an easy walk to the theatre. Upgrades to rehearsal & tech shops spaces are ongoing and geared to improving the overall experience. Lancaster and surrounding historic PA area has much to offer on days off and weekdays during a run. Board of Directors is very hands on and involved in making the theatre a vital cultural link in the area. Cabaret/black box space offers options for smaller works, fundraisers and dark night events. TYA program very strong. New work competition for the main stage is a great opportunity for writers to realize a quality production. Commute to NYC or Philly for auditions during a run is manageable. Artistic Director & Managing Director share common goals and have an 'open door' approach in communicating with cast & staff. Anonymous feedback questionnaire at end of run is a good idea. Theatre is a National Landmark & one of the longest continuing professional houses. Major restoration and renovations in mid-late 90's. The front of house is beautiful and very well cared for. Working at the Fulton made my return to the stage all the more memorable.

    This is such a great place to work. Everyone there is so nice, rehearsals are fun, and Marc Robin is a really great director. Also, there's a pretty excellent farmer's market a block or so from the theatre.

    08/29/2012  11:24am

    That is pretty much the Fulton experience summed up.


    09/08/2012  12:42am

    Absolutely wonderful place to work.

    Staff is so accommodating, lovely and sweet.

    Housing is good, if not great.

    Pay is great for AEA, standard for Non-AEA.

    Production value is great.

    Town is NOT the best part, but it is pretty safe still. Some very cute places and tourist traps, but some ghetto parts as well.

    Marc Robin, Artistic Director, is a genius.

    The FULTON comes HIGHLY recommended from me!

    09/28/2012  4:56pm

    The. Best.

    06/13/2013  11:28pm

    In short-ya'll wanna work here.

    Marc Robin has transformed the Fulton into one of the crown jewels of Lancaster. The audiences are very faithful and adore the productions. The relationship between the Lancaster audiences and the actors on stage almost feels personal. It is very fulfilling to get on stage and feel the excitement, love, and support pouring from the people in the seats.

    Marc Robin is a very talented and caring director/choreographer. The rehearsal process is fun and the environment is always very warm.

    Pay is very good; $730 a week minimum for equity actors and $300 a week for non-equity. Housing is provided if you are not a local actor. If you're lucky, you'll be housed in buildings on either side of the theatre; imagine a minute walk to the stage door! Other actors are housed a few blocks away from the theatre. Some apartments are better than others-but all things considered, all housing options are very nice.

    Lancaster is an interesting city-you'll be walking down the block and all of the sudden the historic architecture and art galleries will make way for the ghetto. Good parts and bad parts of town don't seem to be sectioned off in a clear manner like in other cities. As long as you know where you're walking to and have a buddy with you at night, things are fine.

    This is an AWESOME place to work. Production values are high, audiences are amazing, and the staff are warm, friendly, and always willing to help. A fabulous contract to have!

    07/05/2013  10:32pm

    awesome experience. has been one of my favorite places to work! everyone is so kind and I would recommend this place to anyone!

    10/20/2014  11:42am