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Gig&Tell: Pittsburgh CLO

  • A Dream    
    07/16/2012  4:17pm

    Working for one of the most prestigious summer stocks in the country does not disappoint! The process is SUPER fast. Shows are rehearsed and tech-ed in 7 days, and the ensemble often rehearses one show for 5 hours during the day time while at night they perform an entirely different show. But once you've been through a process like this, you'll be ready to tackle anything. Pittsburgh is a lovely city, and the Benedum Center and it's rehearsal space are some of the most beautiful in the country. The limited perks (be prepared to lie about being a local actor here and find a sublet if you want to book an ensemble track); no housing, gym membership, or parking stipends; are offset by the crazy pay. Cast is always filled with top-notch veterans, and the show quality is fabulous. CLO only has equity contracts to give out, so if you book it, you get your card! One of the best summers of my life as a professional actor!

    I should clarify 'crazy' pay for all of you; pay starts at $983 a week. With equity chorus riders (essentially extra pay for having a small feature in the ensemble) I received over $1000 dollars a week for much of my contract.

    09/15/2012  3:04am

    Hands down the best place I have ever worked. They treat their actors like gold. They genuinely care about you. One of the best work environments I have ever been in. Also some of the most wonderful people I have met in the business. If you get the opportunity to work here, take it, you won't regret it :)

    02/07/2013  8:45pm

    I absolutley LOVED my time at PCLO. Super quick still while being precise! I loved the team - every aspect they were ON it. Barry Ivan was a fantastic director, Tom Helm was incredible with music..the whole team was super prepared and made the whole cast comfortable during the quick process. I only wish the run of my show had been longer!

    07/21/2014  7:37pm


    03/03/2018  10:35am

    Has anyone heard back/updates for 2018 Summer season

    03/03/2018  10:40am