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Gig&Tell: Forestburgh Playhouse

  • Great Place 04/10/2012  7:28pm

    Loved working here as an AEA performer. The Resco is a really talented group of young actors who make the place function, but they also put on great cabaret shows and work the mainstage and kids shows, so working there really gets you lots of experience along with the EMC points.
    AEA actors are well received and valued. I had a great time working at Forestburgh!!

    Very nice group of people at Forestburgh. Shows are good quality. Backstage conditions are very crowded and need some upgrading; daily rehearsals are held on a covered deck, so in the summer conditions can be very hot. Resident performers will work very hard, but end up learning a lot and adding some nice credits to their resume.

    09/28/2012  8:10pm

    how many equity people are in the cast? the theater website employment page seems to allude to there being only leads as equity members?

    03/12/2014  10:50pm

    Great people who truly care about theater and putting together a quality product within limited resources. Tiny backstage, crowded dressing rooms, not super great pay but three meals a day are provided. There's easy access to the cast car and it's super quick and easy to get back to NYC on a Monday. To answer a question above, there are four Equity contracts per big musical. The other roles are filled by locals and their EXCELLENT resident company of college students. They didn't really have slots for non-college EMC's when I was there, but there's a new owner and producer so maybe that will change a bit?

    Another perk: you get to rehearse outside on a covered deck!

    10/19/2014  10:17pm

    I have worked there several times over several years both in the resident company and as a job-in since the theater switched owners. Housing and all meals provided. The cook is SO GOOD- prepare to eat well. There is a lot expected of resident company members, however it provides invaluable training and a lesson in endurance. EMC points for ResCo and non-eq job-ins. Updates to the theatre are happening every year. I would recommend this place to anyone!

    03/30/2017  3:54pm