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Gig&Tell: New Bedford Festival Theatre

  • Great Theatre 03/27/2012  8:38pm

    If you get a contract take it, they are a good company with a great director and producers. The theatre is huge 1200 seat old time theatre with beautiful paintings and carvings on the ceilings.

    I definitely agree!

    06/07/2013  2:19pm

    I had a mixed experience working for New Bedford Festival Theater. (I worked there very recently.) The director I worked with was phenomenal, the cast was so talented, and the Zeiterion Theater is absolutely beautiful. The housing was nice for those who were given it, and the pay was so-so. However, there "powers that be" in charge of the company were what ruined the experience for me. Certain costumes and set pieces did not arrive until opening night. There was not an equity stage manager even though there were AEA cast members. Cast members weren't given enough time to prepare for things..... some of the cast members did a TV appearance one morning, but didn't get an email notice until 1am the night before. I had a great time with the cast and with the director, but wouldn't want to work with the theater company again.

    10/23/2013  12:15am

    anyone have pay information?

    03/20/2014  8:05pm

    They pay roughly 200/week

    03/24/2014  1:47pm
  • New Bedford Festival Theatre 03/26/2012  1:22pm

    This theatre is VERY unprofessional. They gave an offer to an actor to play a lead this summer which this actor accepted. The theatre then left a voicemail several hours later that the offer was being pulled. "This actor was the 2nd choice for the role and they had given the role to someone else." First of all, how utterly disrespectful to the performer to not deliver the information personally. They voicemail could have asked the actor to call them back and then the news could have been given. How impersonal to tell someone that they no longer have a job for the summer via voicemail. If you are planning to work at New Bedford Festival Theatre, I would make sure that you have a signed contract. I also hope that they treat their summer employees with more professionalism then what they gave to this actor. Again, inexcusable!

    Thanks for the update...I have a friend who accepted the role of Penny, I'm definitely going to share this bit of information with her.

    03/27/2012  8:49am

    I had a similar experience there. This was the most unprofessional theatre I have ever worked at. There are some wonderful people there, don't get me wrong, but there are a select few in positions of power who ruin it. I would happily never work there again.

    03/27/2012  9:08am

    I worked there backstage a couple of years ago and had a similar experience. There was one person in power that took advantage of her position and made one of my first theatre experiences miserable. They couldn't pay me enough to work at New Bedford Festival Theatre again.

    05/15/2012  9:53pm

    I worked backstage here a couple of years ago and had similar experiences. They were so unprofessional and unorganized. There was one person in a position of power that took advantage of it and made my job and my first theatre experience out of college miserable. They couldn't pay me enough to work at New Bedford Festival Theatre again.

    05/15/2012  9:55pm

    Actually, this review is incorrect. The actress received a contract after being cast and the stipulation was that she would have to sign and return the agreement due to her place of residence. After being late a week *after* the deadline, the contract was then pronounced null and void. In addition to the falsities listed above, the actor tried to negotiate an increase in payment *after* signing the contract as well as demanding transportation to and from rehearsals.

    New Bedford Festival Theatre is a very professional theatre if not the most in the South Eastern Massachusetts region.

    06/07/2013  2:17pm