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Gig&Tell: Reagle Music Theatre

    04/01/2012  7:10pm

    I worked here as a principal and ensemble in a few different shows, Non-Eq, a few years ago. You will NOT be paid, housed, or anything like that, but you will get EMC points.

    The theater is in a high school. That is a little bit of a shock if you don't know that going in. Some of the production people (props, costumes, etc) will also be in the cast. That's weird.

    Everyone who works there is very kind. The producer is intrusive sometimes, but has good intentions. It honestly feels kind of community theater-ish...WAY overcast (since they don't pay their noneqs) -- ensembles are unnecessarily huge.

    They get some "name" people to come in sometimes..usually soap opera people or people with a few Broadway credits.

    Many Boston Conservatory and other area college kids work here during the summer to get some points. DEFINITELY a good way to become EMC if you have housing in Boston and can afford the time without pay.

    I wouldn't work there again without being on an Equity contract (since I no longer live in the area) -- but like I said before, if you're a Boston local and need some points? Go for it!

    Do you happen to know what their rehearsal schedule is like? Days, evenings, weekends, how many days per week etc? Thanks!

    04/29/2012  8:42pm

    6 days a week, Early afternoon - late evening, if I remember correctly... I feel like rehearsals went from 2-11 or something like that.

    Let me know if you have any other questions -- I'll be happy to answer them as best/honestly as I can!

    05/07/2012  11:30pm

    As a Waltham local, this is where I started. True, they will not pay you if they can in any way avoid it, but housing is definitely provided for out-of-town-ers. You also get EMC points: 1 per week, which works out to 4 per show. They tend to hire the same people for multiple shows, so it can work out to about 12 points a summer.
    The theater is in a high school, but it is not an amateur stage. Full lighting and sound, dressing rooms (though not usually enough for ensemble), workshop and costume shop in-house, full fly system. A lot of sets are rented from original productions or tours.
    There are usually 2 or 3 Equity Principal contracts, given to names. I've worked with everyone from Catwoman to an American Idol contestant to Donna McKechnie. These can go either way.
    Generally, there are as many local hires as possible, especially in technical departments. A LOT of Boston Conservatory students. Results in a relaxed professional feel (I wouldn't call it unprofessional). The producer can be intrusive, but only because he cares so much.
    The shows are almost always large-ensemble musicals. They have a very loyal elderly audience, and they cater to them and local young people. The productions themselves are as faithful as possible to the originals, down to costumes and choreography. Take that as you will. I'm all for innovation, but I wouldn't trade my experience at Reagle recreating Agnes DeMille's and Jerome Robbins' original choreography for Oklahoma and The King and I with Gemze deLappe for anything.
    I'm partial, but I've tried to be honest. Reagle has been great for me. Definitely a pleasant way to spend a summer, especially for musical theatre buffs.

    01/28/2013  12:30pm

    I completely concur with the statements above (posted on 01/28/2013 at 12:30pm).
    They nailed it.

    03/13/2017  4:31pm

    I enjoyed working at Reagle, it is how I got my EMC points. If you have local housing in the Boston area & need to fulfill your artistic soul bc audition season in NYC kicked your bum-it is great. 4 stars only because the lack of pay for noneq is not cool, BUT worth it for some of the people you will get to work with, the EMC points, & heck it is only 4 weeks of your life!

    03/27/2017  12:30am
  • Summer Job Decision: HELP!!!!! 03/27/2013  10:37pm

    Hey guys,

    I am frantically choosing between two summer job offers right now, and I would love some opinions!

    New Bedford Festival Theatre cast me as an ensemble member in Singin' In The Rain. It's a 4 week contract, $200 a week. They didn't give me housing, so I would be spending about $100 a week on gas.

    Ocean Professional Theatre Company offered me a 10 week contract, 4 shows, housing, $150 a week.

    I understand that Ocean Prof. isn't the best place, but should I take the full summer offer versus the 4-week offer?

    I'm torn!!!!!!!!

    I don't think this post was meant to be here lol

    03/26/2017  11:23pm
  • Great experience!    
    07/05/2014  12:41am

    I loved working for Reagle. I was hired under an AEA COST/LOA and the process was very professional. Housed in dorms at a nearby university, shared vehicle. Good show quality, talented cast, kind and professional staff. Highly recommended.

    How many equity contracts do they have?

    03/11/2015  10:37am
  • Lies    
    03/13/2014  5:47pm

    So, this past december I saw there was a posting on playbill from Reagle looking for some male ensemble member for their christmas show offering 400/wk. for both noneq or equity actors

    I thought "Great! I'm not exactly local but my job allows me to travel there and home in a decent amount of time so I'll come out ahead with a little pocket money."

    So, I email the artistic director with all my material and he tells me in the email when the first rehearsal is and that he's very excited, and I respond that I can't wait and that I'll be ready to look at the contract when I get there.

    So, I drive the hour or so to the rehearsal space get there about 30 minutes early so I can speak with him. I arrive and he isn't there, only the assistant. I ask her when he is arriving and if they have any paperwork for me, she responds with "No one has a contract, and don;t talk too loudly if you're getting paid not everyone is getting paid."

    So, immediately I am confused. The artistic director eventually arrives and I ask to speak with him and he and I go into his office and I say that I would like to get my hands on the a paperwork so that i at least know whats going on, a fairly resonable request if you ask me. He then tells me that PLAYBILL changed the add he put up and the pay was actually different, he wouldn't tell me how much but it was less than 400. So I said, well I need something in writing ASAP so he told me to sit in on rehearsal and sing along and he'd email me the next day.

    So, I look at my email the next day and lo' and behold he emails me and tells me my services are no longer needed.

    If you get an equity contract, fine but other than that they don't give a rats ass about their actors.