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Gig&Tell: Lake Dillon Theater Company

  • Amazing company - great new space!    
    08/31/2017  2:05pm

    I've worked at LDTC a number of times, and every time has been a special experience.

    They were formerly in a small blackbox space in the town of Dillon, but after a multi-million dollar capital campaign, they built a brand new theatre that has 3 theatre spaces inside it in the neighboring town of Silverthorne.

    All the theatre spaces are still intimate and have a black-box feel, but after years of running in this capacity, the theatre knows how to successfully produce even large scale shows in their small space.

    The company is usually a mix of NY actors and Denver/Local CO actors.

    The best part is the community that surrounds LDTC and the people who come to see the shows. They are always ready to be challenged and the fact that the company raised the money for a brand new theatre speaks to the community's dedication and desire for an arts community up in the Rockies!

    Some of the summer housing is very dorm-ish, but you have your own room. It can be very summer-stock in that regard, but usually the winter shows will house you in condos!

    They now have two company vans that can be spread among the cast, but often the locals will have their own cars, which alleviates some of the sharing of the vehicles.

    There is also a free bus transit system in Dillon. Sometimes it can take awhile to get where you need to go because there are many stops along the way, but at the end of the day, it's completely free.

    If you like the outdoors, its definitely a great place to work. There is hiking, rafting, skiing, kayaking, biking, etc. with great views of Lake Dillon and the mountains of Summit County.

  • Great Contract    
    12/18/2015  5:54pm

    I had such an incredible 5 weeks at the Lake Dillon Theatre Company. Great community, the people are wonderful and generous, the artistic director had us over to his home many nights for Thanksgiving and Holiday parties. Great, great group of actors. Very quick rehearsal process, 8 days, but our director (who was the Artistic Director of the theatre) was so on top of his work that it made the process such an efficient, joyous, delight. The facilities are kind of old, and it's definitely a smaller theatre, but they are moving within the next year/year and a half to a brand new space. It will still be incredibly intimate (less than 200 seats I believe) so that's really lovely to work in for a change.

    The town of Dillon is small, but so beautiful. You're in the middle of the Rocky mountains, so prepare yourself for hiking and snowshoeing and all that fun stuff if you are so inclined. They had a company car for us to use and a fairly close and inexpensive grocery store nearby so getting around and getting food was easy. The housing was incredible, I was in a two person condo with one other castmast, replete with fireplace and pull out couch and cable tv (wahoo!) All in all I had such a great time and would go back any time they ask!

  • Fantastic 03/19/2015  11:38am

    I can't say enough good things about LDTC. Summit County is a great place to spend time away from New York especially if you like to do things outside, and the staff of the theater is smart, friendly, and incredibly interesting.

  • Great People. Great Place. Great Theatre.    
    06/04/2014  1:48pm

    This is a great theatre company! It's a small theater (about 70 seat), but they put on great productions. The staff is composed of wonderful people, and the community is very supportive of the company. I actually got my Equity card from this theatre.

    The housing is fantastic. You are in the Rockies, and you have a view of the lake from the condo. Dillon is a small town with not too much to do, but you are pretty close to a lot of great cities in CO.

    Agreed! An absolute WONDERFUL company to work for with the most hard working staff I've ever come across. There's really only two cons from my experience so I'll get them out of the way:

    -Some housing (not all, but mine was) is located about 7 miles from the theater in a town called Keystone. While the housing itself is fine (very dormy - but everyone has separate bedrooms), the fact that we were so far from rehearsals and shows was kind of a bummer. Luckily 3 of our cast members had cars, because trying to pry that company car from one particular actor was a challenge. There is also free, yes FREE public transportation that takes you into Dillon and all over Summit County, but sometimes the schedules don't line up with your schedule.
    -Many times we were kept out of the loop. There were fun and amazing opportunities such as Late Night Cabarets, a big Welcome Party for us with the county, a company softball game, etc. but we didn't know about any of this before we arrived and I would say even until a week prior did we maybe start to get details. I will say though, this situation is simply because the theater is dreadfully understaffed. It has absolutely nothing to do with respect for their staff.

    Onto the amazing PROS!
    -Summit County is gorgeous and you get to escape the hot humid summer in New York!
    -The theater is a 72 seat thrust house where the audience is never more than 8 feet from you. It challenges you as an actor and is very exciting!
    -The people who work here and live here are amazingly generous. You will get free brunches, barbecues, dinners ALL THE TIME!
    -So much outdoor activity! Kayaking, hiking, rock climbing, white water rafting, cycling. And if that doesn't excite you, well it's just really pretty here.
    -You are at over 9000 feet elevation, so you will feel like you're dying at first, especially with physical activity. But when you get back on the east coast you feel like a superhero!
    -It is a union house but I was hired as non eq and our pay is very decent. $350/week ain't awful. There were also only 4 non eq in my cast (out of 10 actors).

    Overall this is an amazing union house that continues to grow. I highly suggest taking ANY contract with them no matter the show or role. You will have the time of your life here.

    08/22/2014  9:57am