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Gig&Tell: Booth Theater

  • JUST AWFUL AND HORRID 10/23/2015  3:55pm

    I read the reviews here for this theater and the ones saying DO NOT WORK HERE are correct. It is just plain awful. Everything about the crazy director and backstabbing nephew are TRUE. I will never forget what I saw them do to that poor actor in 2012. :( Those cast members and those two losers should be ashamed of themselves for what they did to him. Seriously. KARMA IS A B*TCH. Be careful how you treat people.

  • THE WORST EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE 10/23/2015  3:44pm

    Working here was the WORST experience of my life. I am not kidding. The director/owner is a very strange and odd old man who does nothing and does not care about you and was never there. He put a college junior in charge as director and because he was NEVER there. all the cast members were from Wagner college and they were the most evil, vindictive, disrespectful, immature people I have EVER come across in my life. I was so embarrassed to work here. The Townhall looks down on this "Theater" and forbids them from doing ANY advertising because it is a joke and they would rather promote The Ogunquit Playhouse and rightly so. That is the real theater there! Also, you work in the hotel for your weekly paycheck cleaning the rooms and toilets and EVERYTHING. They make you do overnight calls all while you are rehearsing and performing! It's abuse. You have to take orders from the owners nephew Matt who is a complete dork and dumb as rocks and sleeps with all the girls while having a girlfriend. total scumbag. If it wasn't for his uncle running the place he would be fired. he can barely write sentences and he is your BOSS. the production value is laughable and NOBODY comes to the shows and if they do, THEY WALK OUT because it is so embarrassing and the talent is a joke. We even had to perform for ONE person in the audience. That's why they were closed for the summer of 2015 I am not being bitter and hateful. I am trying to look out for others. TRUST ME. DO NOT WORK HERE. DO NOT WORK HERE.

  • Summer Season 2014 06/06/2014  11:03pm

    Just wanted to see if anyone on here is going to the Booth this summer for Happy Days?

    I just got back from a summer in Ogunquit working at the Booth. It was a very rewarding experience for me. The entire team at the Booth/Betty Doon was super supportive and available to help with all the actors needs.

    I think that it's a perfect place to work. The pay is decent and if you add in the hotel work (which is the EASIEST thing I've ever done) you can average a decent paycheck every week. I love the intimacy of the space--approximately a 50 seat theater. The audience gets right up in the action and I love that!!

    And then there is the fact that you're living in the HEART of Ogunquit for your contract. 5 minute walk to the beach, walking distance to shops, food, bars, clubs, you name it, it's there! I would recommend this theater to anyone. You work hard, the pay off is great, and you are located in one of the most beautiful places ever. What's not to like?

    Strong Work Booth Theater, Strong Work.

    08/06/2014  9:59pm
  • Booth Theater...    
    07/28/2013  11:39pm

    It's a job. If you're desperate, take it. If you're not, don't take it. You're told at the start that it is also your summer and you're meant to enjoy it, but between all the hotel work (that takes priorities) and the last minute cramming to put up a show, that does not allow for even one day of vocal becomes rather hard to enjoy your summer. You might as well disregard your contract, as it means nothing, especially when it comes to what is "required" of you.

    Is it good for your résumé? Yes. Is it paid decently? Yes. Is it enjoyable? Debatable.

    It's not summer stock. It's working in a hotel and performing for a little over an hour at night, five days a week.

  • Summer Season 2012 04/06/2012  9:13pm

    Any one in NYC on board for The Fantasticks or Mid-Life Crisis this summer??

    Yeah I'm on board for the whole season and I'm from New York!

    04/10/2012  12:10pm

    awesome. which role(s)? wish there was a way to send private messages here...

    04/10/2012  3:07pm

    Luisa, one of the 3 women in Midlife, and the season's choreographer

    04/11/2012  1:08am

    Sweet~ I'll be your Bandit, El Gallo. And one of the men. Looking forward to it.

    04/11/2012  8:57am

    Hey everyone!!! I am a past performer at the Booth Theatre! I will be returning to perform in the entire season for both shows, and I will also be the Assistant Director to Rick this summer. The Booth is a great black box theatre in the heart of Ogunquit Maine. It's a wonderful experience and an incredibly enjoyable summer. Everyone works so closely together and you really grow as a performer, an ensemble, and a family! I can't wait to meet all of you! If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask!

    05/17/2012  11:22pm

    I wish there was a way to send a private message on this site. But this is good news to hear. Who will you be playing in the Fantasticks? When are you headed up to ME/how are you getting there? AND...are you currently in NYC?
    ~El Gallo, Jonathan.

    05/17/2012  11:25pm

    Hey, I'm playing Huckabee and one of the men. I'm heading up early to get things ready before everyone heads up, probably a week early. I'm driving up there (it's important to have a few cars amongst the cast). And I am currently in upstate NY.

    05/20/2012  3:50pm

    Lower than the caliber of a community theatre. The space is laughable. The director is insane. Unhealthy environment for all. Do not work here. Most of your time/money is dealing with the hotel. Ogunquit is nice though.....oh yeah, you live in the basement

    06/25/2012  2:37am
  • Great for First Job 03/31/2012  10:44pm

    I loved working at the Booth. I found the director to be warm and loving. He cancelled a show for me when my aunt passed away over last summer. That was a gift I never expected and extremely unlikely to ever happen again. He may not give the best direction, but you learn a lot about taking care of yourself physically and vocally. on the job performing 6 shows a week. Honestly, no one is going to tell you how to play your part or give you direction you have to do it yourself. So, be an actor and do your work, take pride and take charge of your work. You have two days off a week from the hotel work which is such a treat because then you can walk right down to the beach and relax or take a walk on the marginal way. I guess what I'm saying is if you do your work you get free time to do whatever you want. IT IS WHAT YOU MAKE IT!!

  • 03/22/2012  8:20pm

    The Booth theater is not a great professional experience at all, but I good way to "get your feet wet" performing nightly. The director does not provide expertise or help to the actors, so
    You are basically putting up the shows on your own. Sometimes he casts people who are completely tone deaf or really wrong for the part, so it is up to you to put on a good performance. You will live
    In the back of the theater and clean rooms for cash. Ogunquit is an awesome town and so much fun, really gorgeous. But the job is not a good quality professional theater gig.

    Hi, thanks for the info on Booth. I got an offer there weeks ago but still don't have the contract. I can't get basic details like the exact dates of the contract out of the director. He doesn't answer my e-mails, I'm starting to get sketched out. Its not like I expect to be making alot of money, but the compensation doesn't seem like it will cover basic living expenses. Would you recommend doing it? Any more info about your experience or advice would be greatly appreciated.

    03/24/2012  2:53pm

    I'm all set up to work this summer season. The director has been super quick to respond to my emails. Can't wait for a beautiful summer in Ogunquit.

    03/27/2012  4:55pm

    I was also offered the job this summer and the director was extremely blunt and rude over emails to me when i was asking simple questions...i turned it down because i found it very rude of him to be treating the people who he wanted work with the way he does...

    03/28/2012  5:02pm