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Gig&Tell: Beef and Boards Dinner Theatre

  • Great regional theatre    
    03/29/2016  1:44pm

    I agree with all the posts here; The people who run this theatre are fantastic and they treat everyone very well. They are very professional and organized.

    I read something about an uneven stage-- it must have been replaced because I didn't notice a thing wrong with it. I highly recommend working for this company.

  • Great Place to Work!    
    04/26/2012  7:15pm

    I highly recommend working at Beef and Boards. They give EMC points and they don't treat their EMCs any differently then their equity members. If you have a good experience working there then they are likely to hire you again. It is a great way to build up EMC points or negotiate for a card (which I've heard they are open to doing).

    The pay is average (but not bad!) for EMCs, and what makes it really enjoyable is the housing. They have several houses near the theatre. Everyone has their own bedroom, some people even get their own bathroom. There are DVRs and cable/wifi in every house, and of course they give you a car to use while in town. Indianapolis is a fun town with lots of cute neighborhoods to check out, so you won't be bored.

    The only downsides to this theatre is the space. The stage is uneven with parts that are a couple inches higher or lower- and there are even some gaps in the flooring that can cause a lot of twisted ankles. I'm assuming there haven't been any serious injuries, or workers comp would be all over them. It's just something to watch out for. Also there are no understudies, so don't get sick.

    Overall, a great experience!


    This place was awesome- you not only get wonderful housing options, but are also provided with the company car. You are allowed to eat at the theatre as well. The production quality is great, and so are the actors they hire here. Everyone is extremely nice- it has a real family but professional feel.

    if you get the chance, WORK HERE!

    10/20/2014  11:44am
  • Amazing Place and People!    
    03/26/2012  3:21pm

    I recently worked at Beef and Boards...I can't say enough about this wonderful company.

    1. Housing is top notch - they own several homes within a few miles of the theater and you are spread out and each performer has their own room and usually own bathroom. Also, each company member gets a car that they don't have to share with anyone!

    2. The shows are great quality and there isn't any extra 'dinner theater' work (i.e. serving). The space is wonderful and the crew is great.

    3. The area is full of great things. You get a free gym membership to Gold's Gym down the street from the theater. There is a Trader Joes, Whole Foods, Fro Yo place, Walmart and every chain you could need and want.

    The greatest people and they pay very well for regional theater...they appreciate you and value your time and talent! If you have the chance, work here!