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Gig&Tell: Gateway Playhouse

  • Non-Eqs 04/01/2012  1:22pm

    Can anyone speak to the pay situation with Non-Equity at Gateway? I'm assuming that they rehearse in NYC so housing isn't as big of a thing.


    Gateway on Long Island? They rehearse on the theater property, and they do provide housing (usually double occupancy for non-Eq). I worked there as a non-Eq, and it was a fabulous summer; the pay was good, and they treat everyone really, really well.

    04/01/2012  1:29pm

    Oh thanks! I thought they might rehearse in the city and then move out there for tech/run, but thanks for the clarification.

    04/01/2012  6:58pm

    Great talented performers, crew and staff!! If you get a chance do it!

    04/18/2012  6:19pm

    Gateway is one of the best places Ive had the pleasure to work at. They treat everyone really well, almost like family. I had a blast there!

    02/20/2013  6:46pm

    Can any speak to what they pay non-equity?

    06/12/2013  12:47am

    I heard 200/week non-union.

    11/07/2013  12:52am

    Anyone know in terms of rehearsal period - do they rehearse during the day, or what times are rehearsals typically held? (long island local trying to figure out if I could do this schedule-wise) thanks!

    02/25/2016  12:17pm
  • PASS    
    02/05/2016  9:48pm

    If you just want to party all summer and don't care about safety at work or the quality of the show, this place is for you. Used to be pretty reputable but has gone down in recent years. Also the housing situation is awful. 20 some people in one house with four bathrooms and a communal kitchen building and an uneven, cramped rehearsal studio. Want to escape to go the cheap grocery store or a movie? Too bad, you don't have access to a car except for a weekly group trip to the store.

  • Winters at Gateway    
    12/15/2015  8:51am

    So I must say "camp gateway" is really not that bad at all. It's a giant house and the only major issue is having only 4 bathrooms and no bathrooms in the rehearsal studios. The team is really great and accommodating at Gateway, they are lovely people. The town is cute, cvs and a grocery store within walking distance. All other fun activities you definitely need a car for! I would absolutely work here long as I lived in the house ;)

  • Everything but housing is great    
    03/16/2015  1:22pm

    I worked there and really enjoyed the theatre itself, the audiences, the lovely town of Bellport and the close proximity to New York (although really not close enough to go in and out for auditions on performance days.

    But the HOUSING. Oh, my friends. If you are an adult and a union actor you will be amazed that Equity has not shut this place down! It's a moldy, filthy barn of a house where everyone--and I mean EVERYONE--interns, stagehands, non-EQ--lives and shares a couple of bathroom facilities. Yes, it's next door to the theatre. Yes, there is a pool on the grounds and an outdoor grill. But the kitchen is in a bunker not connected to the house. The house is gross. We can call it 'Camp Gateway' all day long but frankly I went to camp as a kid. Now I am an adult. Housing sucks.

    11/12/2013  11:41am

    Ive worked there.

    Housing: old barn, pretty moldy. Rooms are small. Barely any space aside from your bed. Double occupancy for non union people. You live like a minute from the stage door though which is nice.

    Production quality: Pretty good. Sound people are a little slow. Dressing rooms could use some vacuuming.

    Company management: Great. The CM, Michael Baker, started as an actor there. Very friendly and willing to help. Two nights a week they have in-town things for us to do. They also scheduled a bowling night upon the request of the performers. Also had two cm interns that were just as pleasant.

    Staff: Artistic director Paul Allen is not the nicest nor smartest of the bunch but he's dealable. Crew people are pretty cool.

    Life: They have a fire pit which was put to use a lot when I was there. And a room with a pool table and some Christmas lights dubbed the party room. I enjoyed partying there. Also they have a pool.


    I love the gateway playhouse. I have worked there twice both times non-union, once as a a lead and once as ensemble. The pay is pretty low. They won't pay non-union more than 415 cause their equity minimum is 450. Sure, the housing is outdated, the rehearsal room is small, the Barn theatre is old, the patchogue theatre requires being transported in a van to get there... But, honestly I couldn't give two f-s about any of that. They make you a family while you are there. It harkens to old school movies of summer stock, everybody pulling together to make a show happen. The work is consistently good, its still close to the city so you can come back on days off for auditions, or life. Its not easy to get industry out there, but its possible. The rehearsal process is fast, and the runs are only about 3 weeks. But, you won't want to leave. They have a pool, the rehearsal spaces are unlocked and available when not being used. The parties are always fun... I can't say enough nice things. If you know going into it thats its not going to be glamorous and accept that, you will have a fantastic time.

    01/15/2015  6:49pm
  • Question- Experience for Equity 10/12/2013  9:18am

    Since the other post covered non-eq a bit, how about union? Pay, housing, quality, etc.?

    Union and non live in the same house, dorm style. Rooms are small, a bed and a dresser. Might even just be a twin bed and not full.

    Pay is in the mid400s

    Aside from getting paid on different days, no noticeable differences between eq and non

    11/22/2013  12:28pm