Gig&Tell: White Plains Performing Arts Center

    01/12/2017  2:38pm

    I have done three different shows with White Plains Performing Arts Center.
    Two shows for EMC points, Tarzan and Sister Act and one of their nonunion shows, Heathers.

    I worked directly with Stephen and Lexie the music director and choreographer on all three productions. Working with just them alone was worth the entire experience. They are professional, dedicated, creative, and talented. It was such an amazing time to pick their brains and work in such a creative space.
    I worked with Jeremy and Frank as directors and both have such great vision if either of their names are on a project I would jump at the chance to work with them.
    I highly recommend the theatre. The commute to the theatre is not bad at all. It is a 40 min ride from Grand Central, and you are only at the theatre for tech week and the shows. Most rehearsals are in the city anyways.

    You get a contract- grab it!

  • Awesome place to work!    
    08/07/2014  2:17pm

    Have worked on a few and seen numerous shows there it is one of my favorite places. They always do new(er) work that you often can't do anywhere else and great productions. You won't find them doing any really overdone shows anytime soon. It's an easy commute from nyc right near the train. Beautiful theatre and very talented creative staff, designers and actors on the shows. Not many pro theaters you can do a show at and still live at home in NYC without being out of town for months.

    Do they ever house out of town actors?

    10/26/2016  1:07am
  • Great    
    10/23/2012  11:40am

    Great place to work, often times a frustrating schedule (SHORT rehearsal period). The director(s) know what they are doing, but sometimes try the patience of the performers. It's a great way to get performing experience while still maintaining a day job in the city. The pay is awful ($150-200/week). The commute is actually pretty easy to do, but they don't really reimburse you for that necessarily (it's lumped into your weekly pay). You'll have a great time, and it's worth the financial hit.

    Does this theatre provide EMC points? I was told by someone that they do, however, I haven't been able to find anything that supports that statement. Any insight would be appreciated.

    11/30/2012  4:43pm

    I was wondering also if they were EMC...according to the actorsequity wesbsite, they are not listed as an EMC theater. I want to try out for their Color Purple they are doing, but really need some EMC points!

    12/01/2012  4:05am

    They offer EMC on their select Mainstage shows. 3 every season.

    02/11/2013  5:38pm

    What hours do they rehearse? Evenings?

    03/27/2013  11:44am

    I dunno guys... my experience in the last year was full of lots of disappointments. The main one being that the little money that was offered didn't clear- twice. Three final paychecks had to be cut before they stopped bouncing.

    Artistically it was very fulfilling to be around such fine, dedicated NY actors onstage, but with the commute costs and low salary you REALLLYY have to decide if this is something you need/want. EMC point also help. But the money thing was a big issue.

    03/23/2015  12:15am

    I loved my experience there. Great quality shows, nice/talented creative team. Pay has been increased recently I noticed and EMC points on some shows as well. They also do some one weekend or two weekend non union shows that are fantastic as well that I got to see that you can't seem to do anywhere else around NY. Overall, worth it

    08/12/2015  12:55am